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wondrous wednesday: when the world stopped turning

Live: Because This Great Book and Confusing Blog Said So
Blame it on my scientific boyfriend, the hippie-vibe in Austin or just my growing up, but I believe I look at things more critically now. While I’ve always been somewhat bright, I don’t remember actually stopping and thinking about why I think the way I do until a year or two ago. Maybe it’s the question-filled journalist in me, too, but I just tend to actually come with up more reasoning for things now before I act and such.
Anywho, my mom recently lent me this book, which, in short, explains how history repeated itself when 9/11 happened, and all of the crisis around that stands as a warning for everyone here on Earth.
I can’t give the story away (or even name the book, because I don’t know if that’s legal, ha), but just know that:
St. Paul’s is a church by Ground Zero.
It was not destroyed on 9/11, due to a sycamore tree, like, saving its life.
This church is also where George Washington was sworn into presidency years and years ago.
Now, without even knowing anymore of my critical viewpoints or anymore of this great book, those three little sentences are pretty neat, right?
Therefore, this short and vague and probably confusing post should inspire you to:
Learn more history.
Expand your horizons.
Keep an open eye.
Live: Because Men and Women Everywhere Fight For Our Freedom
Most importantly, remember how special this day is and how blessed our land is, as we keep everyone involved in that tragedy and the war and so on in our thoughts and prayers!
wondrous wednesday is here to inspire



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