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tight thursday: the liArs, A, And All the shAmeful goodness thAt is PLL

This weekend is the halfway point between PLL’s season finale and their new Halloween special, and I know I’m jumping on the train late, and that I may be too old or too weird for loving this show so much, but OMG.

Therefore, the top ten reasons to watch ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars…

  1. the girls: Ashley Benson is hot enough to make out with James Franco in Spring Breakers; Alexis Bledel got an equally-pretty sister with Lucy Hale Sisterhood on the Traveling Pants 2; numerous magazines have been covered with yummy Shay Mitchell; and boys and girls love to kiss on Troian Bellsario.
  2. the boys: a shaggy-haired bad boy played by ; the teacher everyone wants and only Aria gets – ; as an outcast-turned-soulmate; and , & (He used to rule Disney Channel!) & (He played Pablo on The Lizzie McGuire movie!), who we love to hate…but don’t mind looking at.
  3. Hanna’s sarcasm: She makes even the darkest of near-death moments feel a little less drab.
  4. Aria’s clothes: Yes, all the ladies dress awesomely, but just gaze below…
  5. Emily’s love life: Even ABC Family draws in crowds with girl-on-girl action.
  6. Spencer’s family: A never-less-than-perfect mom, a secretive (and womanizing..?) dad and the sister with ever-evolving men/potential connections to Ali’s death…and speaking of…
  7. Ali: She has her own books, so I wonder if she’ll ever have her own show, because the ballsy psychoticism would be as entertaining to watch as PLL.
  8. the surprises: Whether it’s the high school dating drama or the town falling deeper into the mysteries around the Delaurentes fam, the show brings suspense.
  9. Halloween specials: All the existing greatness + scary spooks, like a blood-filled theme song!
  10. the story: I don’t want to type any spoilers, but finding out who the A Club consists of (especially this last one!), seeing how far the girls are pushed (car through house, tattle-telling on innapro relayshs, etc.) and…You know how this all turns out, right? About how Ali actually…And sheee…Yeah!! Plus, it’s not over yet (We’re on book 7 out of who knows, yay!)

tight thursday shows how much i admire my loved ones


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