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manly monday: survivor

A. I feel I should first point out that this new blood versus water version of Survivor is the show’s 27th season, and I’ve never watched any of them. I can assume that it’s like any dramatic reality series, though…so, like The Real Housewives but with more dirty outdoors and less table flips.

B. I can also assume that the people who make it onto the show are tough, smart and driven, leading them to believe they have a chance of survival and a chance to win. This sounds familiar…

C. I wrote a “Reality of Post-Grad Life” post awhile back, detailing how it seems numerous internships, great connections and a degree from a top university would lead to a job…any job. My current life kinda proves this wrong.

D. Okay, so I do have six jobs, but do they even count? Sure, babysitting can be easy money, but I’m going to need a break from kids at some point, so I’ll actually want to have some someday. Home organization sounds up my alley, but I really just clean a way-too messy house way too often. The social media gigs are alright, but 1. it’s hard to get strangers to comment on random updates about the top allergy cities or shoe organization, and 2. it sometimes feels like a tease, because it is a form of journalism, but I don’t want to work off of Twitter forever. And finally, the most time-consuming of my duties is working at a bikini store. I didn’t want to go down to retail, but now, it’s paying off my car! Also, it has led to some good convo…

E. The two girls I work with, like me, graduated a semester early from college, with hopes of making it big in the fashion industry. One even did what my professors suggested and moved straight to NYC, to work her way up, but ended up back in Texas. Now, all three of us try to sell tiny triangle tops in the fall, while we’re able to discuss the fact that 1. college makes us believe in success then makes us hate it, by not following up on any of its promises, 2. we feel like we have our shit together, pretty muchly, but we’ll have to work at things we don’t enjoy, just to survive, for who knows how long, hoping an appealing door actually opens and 3. we now realize what all that economy talk was about, and we know it’s completely normal for adults to be stuck in gross jobs forever, but…

F. We’re above that! I knew I for sure was, and that’s why ten months later, I’m just now finding ways to not take all this rejection and disappoint as “Bri, you’re a total loser, and you should cry and have a low self-esteem.” It helps to hear that, unfortunately, what I’ve been dealing with is normal for my age (This is kinda good, though, since my best friend from UT and I have both just been telling each other that, to lift spirits!). It also helps to know that it’s normal for guys (hence the manliness of this post;); one of the girl’s boyfriends is in the same boat and is especially feeling it since he just turned 25. My boyfriend hit that quarter age last week, and how scary is it that all the life we’ve lived…we’ll only live it, like, one or two more times – IF we’re “normal.”

G. And normal for today’s 18-29 group means that only 43.6 of us have full-time jobs. You can read equally-horrifyingly disgusting stats like this here (Thanks for not being my go-to place for a laugh, BuzzFeed…).

H. My conclusion is that I just want one, happy, steady writing job, and I do believe I’ll get there. I just didn’t expect to be one of those “ugh, the government” and “ooo, our recessing economy” people this early…ha? I’m going to blame society, I guess, because this guy says that our definitions of success are off…So, maybe I’ll just try to change the one I’ve had for this almost quarter of a life…I’ll go work on that…Yeah…

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