thoughtful tuesday: let me be a teen girl and remind ppl that i don’t live a life like on the jersey shore

ive been avoiding this post

it’s sad i even hafta write it

well, i don’t HAVE to…i just feel like i need to clear/clarify things


see, im the type of person that has to fix everything.

if i have one tiny little argument with my boyfriend, no one can leave the room until everything is 100% normal again.

so imagine having a conflict going on that is wayyy bigger than who is going to empty the dishwasher


im not going to go into details

just gona say that im growing up and…evolving

but you know what? even with billions of tweets going out a day, we will never ever know what people do with all their time or what they think or believe


so let’s take kim kardashian for instance

she has a populary-envied body, but we don’t KNOW that she goes to the gym everyday or if she has fries with every meal]

but we see her in hip-hugging hermes dresses and (most of us) approve


now, my brother is busy being a horned frog

we’re close but don’t talk everyday

but i know he loves me, ya know?


and me.

you may have heard i work six jobs but even my dad can’t keep up with when im where and such

so you definitely can’t know how i spend my spare time or where my brain goes when my head hits my pillow


you can’t be sure if i wear Adidas (dont), miss Basketball (do), have a Cat (duh), get Drunk all the time (like, never), Eat healthy (like, sometimes), Fart in my sleep (guilty), get Giddy when the housewives come on (mhm), will always consider woodson Home (always), like pistachio Ice cream (ew), can Juggle (wish), spend spring days flying Kites (have), think about my past Loves some (don’t we all), cry like a hot Mess (at least once a month), keep things Neat and orderly (everything), can be Onerous (obvs), Pray (i really do, people), have Quiet time (which i feel everyone should have, to journal or think or meditate or pray), Read more than one book at a time (that’s me), try to be Sexy (im too modest to tan in front of friends), Talk during movies (never ever), wear Underwear (don’t), own a Vest (at least one pink leather one), Wonder about the future (will i have a full-time job soon, what will my kids look like, do clouds finally turn to cotton candy when we get to heaven {yup, heaven} when will i become a reality star), wish polar bears weren’t going eXtinct (i will solve this someday), miss being Young (sometimes) or if i own a Zippo (not for cigs but for, like, smores)


soooo…take all that rambling as you want, but know that i think im pretty great, ha. and i don’t enjoy assumptions. and i love everyone i’ve ever met in some way. that is all.


thoughtful tuesday is my crazy-beautiful mind, thrown up onto this screen


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