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tight thursday: 12 months of lists (halloween)

I would for sure say I’m “tight” with the horror movie genre, as It and The Hand the Rocks the Cradle were some of the first movies I remember seeing. Therefore, this list is about the greatest scary movies!

(PS: I changed 52 weeks to 12 months…ain’t nobody got time for that!)

The Top Ten: Spooky Stuff

  1. Linda Blair talking like a demon&spinning her head around.
  2. That blonde girl knocking on that couple’s door&asking if Tamra’s home.
  3. Hannibal Lecter being all smart&creepy.
  4. Pennywise the Clown trying to kill kids&hiding in drainage sewers.
  5. That nanny throwing herself&knowing Damian caused it.
  6. Michael standing there with a knife&wearing a clown costume at the beginning.
  7. Sidney walking through her home’s replica&seeing her mom’s ghost.
  8. That first family putting up a cameras&seeing all that creepy night movement.
  9. Freddy finally getting to Nancy&telling her she was his favorite.
  10. That creepy lady sitting in the tub of that hotel&singing “Old McDonald.”

BONUS: Name all the movies, and you’ll have happy tricks and treats!



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