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wondrous wednesday: if i were a star…

If I were famous, I’d grace the cover of tons of magazines, and they’d all start with some cruddy line, like, “Dressed in black skinny jeans and a simple embellished tank, Bri Thomas hardly touched her salad at Austin’s W Hotel, but when dessert came…’Oh, my gosh, you have to try this! It’s SOOO good!’…And so is she.”

The interview would be good, though…

Awesome and Huge Fashion Magazine: What is always setting in your DVR?

Beautiful and Classy Movie Star: All of The Real Housewives, It’s Always Sunny, Project Runway…But not for long, because I like to watch things instantly and stay on top of things!

AHFM: One thing you MUST do before you die?

Me: Tour all of Europe.

A: What would we find on your nightstand?

Me: Old fashion patterns, pen’n’paper, a flickering light and a tazer-type object;)

A: And your vanity?

Me: It’s spotless! I have all my nail polish displayed in a standing pink rack and all my make-up in a cute little bag.

A: Tell us about your charity work.

Me: I’ve been saying forever that I’m going to volunteer at an animal shelter, but it hasn’t officially happened. My boyfriend and I like to go to Austin Humane Society, where I got my cat, to play with the kitties. I did spend a year working for New Century Hospice in college, though.

A: The groceries you have to have?

Me: Meat, easy mac, some fruit or veggie and coffee…Mostly, I just like easy stuff I can take on the go – that’s not just a candy bar!

A: What is your current screensaver?

Me: My computer background is a Vogue cover done by Salvador Dali – love it – and my phone screen is, of course, a themed Halloween pic.

A: Tell us about your favorite wall in your house.

Me: Ooo, this is hard, because I seriously have so much great stuff (laughs). I’d say my “office” wall, though, because it holds all the diplomas and certificates my boyfriend and I have obtained, plus two great vintage photos: One is an aerial shot of where I grew up, and the other shows my grandma and her sister on a longhorn like Bevo!

A: Last but not least…If you could have any dinner guests over, who would you pick?

Me: Hmm…Lady Gaga, George W.  Bush, Shane West and Jessica Biel. Oh, and Steve Martin and Robin Williams, to keep things light and fun:)

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