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My Year in Review

I’m one of those people who lives by anniversaries, ending notes and new beginnings. If – IF – I’m on a workout streak but miss a Monday, I feel I should probably skip the whole week, because I can’t start on a Tuesday – how random! When I reach a six-month mark of knowing someone, I am probably well aware of the date and consider this a reason to celebrate. And yes, when Christmas come and goes, I know I must get serious about the New Year, planning all these big and exciting new changes and upgrades.

So, of course, I wrote my New Year Resolutions post WEEKS ago (stay tuned!), but I needed more! Therefore…My Year in Review. This piece is needed – not only due to the ending of 2013…No, this is needed because, man…What a year…

  • January – I was full of every emotion imaginable, as I had just finished up school, had just celebrated my first post-UT Christmas, had the world at my fingertips and was not hearing back on many job applications. However, I did finally receive a position at Bloom Herbal Organics, a company that a. I highly suggest to healthy, active and/or allergenic people and b. is owned by THE best first “real” boss ever, who has turned out to be a truly wonderful friend.
  • March – My boyfriend and I hit our two year mark! And as I type this, it’s weird that this happened just this year, because I guess when you have your “love-at-first-sight moment” at 16 then start hanging out nonstop at the beginning of college, your relationship is bound to feel so much…more. So, yeah, I’m lucky to have the cutest, strongest, funniest and most nurturing and genuine best friend.


  • May – I wrote a paper in college of one of Austin’s top fashion writers, and we kind of stayed in touch, which led to her asking me to join her at a big pink fashion show in May. As you probably know from past posts, I went on to write for her at every local style event that summer and even New York Fashion Week in September! With a full-time job now, it’s hard to make it to stuff, but I’m so grateful that this amazing lady still considers me her Fashion Editor!
  • July – My family and I take a big vacation every summer, and like any travelers, we had always talked about Hawaii…This year it happened! We flew (forever!) to Kauai, which was even more beautiful than people described, and filled our time with beach-lounging, luau-ing, kayaking, feeding stray cats and intense-but-scenic hiking. Every trip with my favorite three people is wild and memorable – and our island adventure proved to be no different.


  • September – I love how this is working out with every other month being magical…And I LOVE that I attended NYFW! Of course, that sounds amazing, but it was even better! I interviewed Nina Garcia day one, saw, like, 20 celebs, was in the know on the upcoming trends and had a blast working THE fashion event in THE fashion city of our country.
  • November – So far, all of these 2013 milestones sound amazing, but the year was tough; after graduating from a top university, I had it in my head that finding a job would be not as tough. I had experience, passion and the degree, but that didn’t seem to matter. I had to work eight random jobs, running everywhere, every day, just to pay the bills. I know it could have been worse, but when I finally got hired on at Leverage PR (actually at the very end of October), I could not have been happier. This was/is huge!

According to this organization, next up is January 2014…So check back next year to see what else is happening in my crazy little beautiful life, and – as always – thanks for reading:)


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