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wondrous wednesday: 12 months of lists (christmas)

It’s obvious that everyone loves Christmas (unless there are actually depressed Scrooge-like people out there), and here is why I can’t get enough of the holiday season…

1. smells: Cinnamon, pine and gingerbread are in the air, everywhere, all the time, and I truly believe that the government has, like, giant Glade Plug-ins positioned about secretively, to keep everything smelling so fab from Thanksgiving until New Year’s.

This is just one big smell-good thing.
This is just one big smell-good thing.

2. white fluff: Even though I grew just a few hours from the warm coast, we got snow almost every winter, and the fresh powder makes everything feel so clean and magical. Plus – hello – snowmen, snowball fights and snow ice cream!
3. wrapping: Picking out the exact right paper, creating crisp corners, adorning gifts with great bows or strings…This process is almost as fun as picking out new school supplies (RIP).
4. reflections: People can’t help but feel jolly and smile and give, and as another year winds down, we look back on the good we have and prepare for all the great to come.
5. chestnuts roasting: Okay, so I’ve never done or seen this, but all those cute little things that may happen somewhere and obviously used to happen and at least metaphorically happen are special and sweet!

See, it's just...weird, right?
See, it’s just…weird, right?

6. Hallmark: It’s tradition to go get new ornaments every year, even though are tree is already quite full of opening hearts, cut-out rocking horses and singing Santas (Tanner collects pro athletes; Mom, old tin buildings; and I, Barbies).

I used to collect these, until they discontinued them.
I used to collect these, until they discontinued them.

7. food: The copious amounts during the holidays make me happier than happy, especially when most of it is, like, cookies and pie.
8. media: Let’s face it: Christmas music by Bing and the Chipmunks and movies like Miracle on 34th Street and Elf are better than any other forms of media, no matter how many times they are seen/heard.

My all-time fave.
My all-time fave.

9. smiles: As mentioned on #4, everyone is just full of magic during these times, and it’s not uncommon to see wondrous things, like in the films on #8.
10. memories: Sure, thinking back on all the toys you’ve ever received seems good enough, but combining the time my whole family got snowed in at my grandparents’ and sled on a truck hood + making iced cookies from scratch for Santa, still + the time I was on the news with Santa + taking turns opening our stockings and knowing that everyone has to check out everyone else’s new undies before the real presents can be opened + the time Santa wrote my brother and I a note on a napkin…You get the idea;)

PS – This will be my final “months of lists” post, since I’m revamping GLiTTER&LiFE. Speaking of…How do you like the new design?


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