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Pretty in Pink


The new Caboodle, the giant ring, the blingy phone, the nail polish holder, probably eight things in the background…Oh, yeah, and the fabulously-collared button-down and amaziiing sparkly skirt…You could say I like pink a bit.

The best part of going to a job everyday (that doesn’t involve chasing after children or sweeping floors) is planning my outfits for the week, and this one was too good not to share.

TOP: Forever21

RING: Charming Charlie

CABOODLE: (in case you were wondering!) Target

SKIRT: I know I’ve blogged about this baby before, but all I really have to go on is that I saw it in a catalog, at my grandma’s, when I was still in elementary. I have no idea why I got it then, because I never wore it, but the glitz, the denim band…I had to keep it hanging in my closet, and now, it’s the perfect high-waisted piece!



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