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My Style Idols



Amidst the tutus and shoulder pads in my too-narrow closet, I have hanging MY STYLE IDOLS, who are the following.

  1. Elle Woods – always in pink, looks great during every occasion, gave me the bend&snap
  2. Mary Tyler Moore – played a classy, put-together, attractive journalist who throws her hat gracefully 
  3. Elizabeth Taylor – legendary bling and sexiness and grace
  4. Madonna – cones (need I say more?)
  5. Victoria Beckham – I am Posh Spice, and she just keeps getting better
  6. Diane Keaton – rocks menswear like nobody’s business
  7. Doris Day – like #2, she was always so classy and cute
  8. Jessica Biel – girl crush, amazing bod, and did you see that pink wedding dress??
  9. Rachel Green – the hair, the style and the legacy 
  10. Brigitte Bardot – If I lived back then, I may want to be her
  11. Alexis Bledel – kind of the modern day #2? classiest young lady in Hollywood
  12. Jem – go watch on Netflix now to enjoy the 80s glitter and neon and shoulder pads and awesomeness
  13. Carrie Bradshaw – ’nuff said
  14. Lady Gaga – I adore the over-the-top
  15. Barbie – Of course she’s on the list!
  16. Hilary Duff – second classiest young woman in Hollywood, my idol and always looking great – especially as a mom!
  17. Audrey Hepburn – the pearls, the cute hairstyles, the cat and Holly Golightly 
  18. Twiggy – eyelashes and Peter Pan collars to die for
  19. Jackie O – period.
  20. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – These two have always captivated me, and I love seeing what they wear 
  21. Scarlett O’Hara – If I lived then, I would DEF be her #gimmebigdresses
  22. Farrah Fawcett – the Rachel Green of her time? gorgeous
  23. Marilyn Monroe – She had to be on here, too!

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