Tone It Up & Work It Out

If you’ve read this blog even twice, you probably know that a. I use letters like this lots b. I’m obsessed with Bravo and c. I always say I’m going to workout and then don’t (even though I date a trainer).

Well, now my girl Megan is dating my boy Tommy’s best friend (Jonathan – also a trainer), so the moral is…IT’S TIME TO WORK OUT! And we’re going to do it in three easy steps…

STEP ONE: actually go to the gym

We both have memberships (mine is through Gold’s, which I highly recommend;), and we both like to mix it up, so even if you’re not comfortable in this setting, remember that a. it’s awesome that you’re even there and b. you can choose anything – elliptical, weights, classes, stretching, running, swimming – just move!

look, it's us, working out!
look, it’s us, working out!

STEP TWO: match your moving to your eating

We also both have had great ideas of juicing (mostly at Juice Land, which fall short;p), and we also both like to mix food up, so even if you’re used to eating pizza and cereal, remember that a. it’s okay to start small – like by replacing one of your weekly candy bars with a salad instead and b. there are tons of yummy/healthy eating options

pinterest + food + tiu girls = <3
pinterest + food + tiu girls = ❀

STEP THREE: stay motivated

We both have trouble staying with this, too (mostly because we’d rather be here, which is, like, the opposite;), and we both know that variety is key here, too, so make yourself want to do this for/in different ways, remembering that a. your life literally depends on it and b. you can look hotter than life – for summer, for a big day and for, like, ever!

ok, you can also just take advice from these two cuties, karena and katrina
ok, you can also just take advice from these two cuties, karena and katrina

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