Lyrics That Take Me Back…

One song can cause powerful memories to come flooding back to you, transporting you through time to a distant place. These are the ones that do it for me…

  • “We Can’t Stop” – Ha, I know where you’re thinking, but it’s just pop-y and just easy-breezy enough to make it the tune I had on repeat while lying on the beaches of Kauai in the summer of 2014.
  • WP_20130723_008
  • “White Christmas” – Christmastime is my all-time fave, and hearing Bing croon, combined with the scent of evergreen and gingerbread, the sights of twinkling lights and the sounds of my family is a top memory/feeling.
  • “Fireflies” – My nostalgic high school/hometown days could be wrapped up in the summer after my junior year; for some reason, I just remember my friends and I being so carefree and filling warm Texas evenings with star-gazing, random swimming and cute walks (all played in a montage with this song;).
  • smores 031
    You can tell my the craziness of our hair how happy we are…….
  • “Day Man” – If my current apartment/life had to have a theme song, I’d pick this It’s Always Sunny tune: It’s uplifting, inspiring and really just makes me LOL.

What are the songs that take you back?



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