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Admirable Traits

When you think about the people who are in your life, who comes to mind first? Probably your family or friends – but there are also co-workers, neighbors, that brunette waitress you always get, social media connections…

Now think about why those people are in your life. For most of them, we have no choice, as we were born into families (the best!) and ended up next door to the guy who never picks up after his bulldog (boooo).

The people we have chosen to keep around, though…Why them? What characteristics do you love to have around you, and why? For me…

I need people who will listen to what I’m saying, whether it’s about the latest Housewives drama, that time my family rode segways in Boston or why I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Real Life Example: Megan Breckwoldt and I have regular happy hours, full of all of this and more, and I will be forever grateful for our genuine friendship.

I love to laugh, and if you can make that happen, I’ll keep you around. Real Life Example: The perfect combination of stupidly funny jokes and legitimately hilarious comebacks is Amanda Butler, and since she’s been holding this position since the second grade, I expect this to continue on into the nursing home.

I enjoy glitz and glam (and sharing it with other fashionistas), with my giant rings, pink apartment and shop-til-you-drop mentality. Real Life Example: Jillian Pederson does, too, and when we’re together, we’re probably talking about Alice in Wonderland-related decor or how to buy Juicy items for cheap.

I like to pick up where I left off in books and TV shows, so it’s nice to have that familiarity in friendships, too. Real Life Example: MJ Vickers and I may only see each other once a year, but since we’ve kept in touch since even before our school days together, it’s easy to jump right into updates and memories.

I am all about gushing over Channing Tatum and Tommy Baze, and everyone has that friend they share crush details withReal Life Example: Though we talk about much more than just boys, Kirstie Clark and I have always seemed to bond over chasing boys at junior high basketball tournaments up to dealing with current love lives.


Though these are only five of the girlfriends in my life, it’s nice to sometimes step back, view the traits in your loved ones and try to be as fab as them.

So now, I’m going to think about how to love my future kids as much as my parents love me, give to my boyfriend as much as he gives to me and be as attentive, funny, stylish, real and flirty as the above gals!



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