There are thousands of lists out there about the “best entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter” and the “hottest Instagram accounts,” but my list is far more laid back and mostly just a. a way to re-inspire myself for the summer and b. make sure you know about these fab people/pages/accounts/things!


Kerri Eichorn: I’ve known this girl my whole life, and though we hardly ever get to see each other in person, it’s nice to be inspired by her uplifting status updates.

See, I literally like her stuff!


Jennifer Clayborn: I think we can all guess why. But I’m not going to post someone else’s child’s photo on my blog, because that’d be creepy. And if you’re not friends with her/can’t keep up with Emmalyn’s #ootd – I am so sorry!

How Two Live: These sisters are, like, the queens of style, and I love scrolling through images of giant sunglasses, furry coats and matching awesomeness.



Harvin Eadon: This sister, though –  my fave! Her and Meyer are stars of Big Rich Atlanta, yet Harvin still acknowledges, like, every fan tweet she gets. Plus, hello, their jewelry line and theseee outfits…


Google Chrome:

Tone It Up: Yes, the website I love the keep up with is the one belonging to the TIU girls; their healthy-yet-yummy recipes, day-by-day workouts and adorable faces-n-personalities are great motivation!

Buzzfeed: ‘Nuff said.

Anyone/thing else I’m missing out on?? Share!!


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