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anniversaries&hamster wheels

Today marks my five-year anniversary of graduating high school, and while I know that’s still way less than a 25- or 50-year celebration, it’s weird for me, since I swear that just yesterday, I was forcing my brother to play Barbies with me, getting braces, going to my first prom and wearing that number 10 jersey.

But just like that, I was off in Bevo Squarepants to Austin, majoring in business, switching to journalism, getting published in the country’s oldest college outlet, getting my first tattoo, interning in NYC, graduating with a college degree, receiving my first raise and living in – already – six different ATX locations.

And while I have loved every minute of all of these stages of life, I did need to speak about one thing: the hamster wheel of life.

When you’re a baby, you have a routine of sleeping, eating, burping, pooping and repeating, and though some of those tasks may change, we – for the most part – keep up routines, with going to school or work, going to the gym or happy hour, picking up groceries or kids, cooking, showering, sleeping…

It’s hard to not get caught up in all these tiny duties, and I’m a big believer in stepping back daily, to view your big picture, as well as the world’s big photo. That’s why you’re going to stop reading for a bit to watch this video:

This is Water on YouTube

See, we must remember that this is water: Even when we’re in annoying lines at the grocery store and even when we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, we must remember that someone is facing a bigger battle, bills have to be paid, there are positives in every situation and – my fave – we have to bloom where we are planted.

As I’ve probably mentioned, I have tricks for getting through; even though I’m blessed beyond words, we all have “those days,” which is when I post inspirational quotes on Instagram (mostly for myself), do an extra dose of stretching/yoga/praying/meditation or indulge on cookie dough and/or Starbucks.

Recently, though, I was reminded that my high school English teacher/role model always said “bloom where you’re planted,” but I guess I forgot? I even have it written on a sticky note on my desk! I got too caught up in making these annoying, tiny duties feel better, when I should, first and foremost, be focusing on how to grow within the situations.

Sooooo….wrap-up/takeaway: Whatever you’re going through, even if it is just a long grocery store line, remember to stay grounded, keep things in perspective, give it your all and BLOOM!



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