dream a lil dream

when you fall asleep – “slowly, then all at once” – and when your mind wanders, pondering beaches, beauties and beer, you are DrEaMiN…and these are mine!

polar bears – i will adopt a boy and girl, turn part of my backyard into a freezer and repopulate the earth

RIP Knut

travel – i’ve been blessed to see tons of our nation with my family, and i can’t wait to save enough to backpack through europe, adventure down under and even glamp under the marfa lights


ut – this was the only place i applied, and i’ll always remember getting accepted on that chilly friday in october 2008 (2008…wow!)

nyc – i thought i wanted to live there but got to intern there instead, and what a dream come true

celebs – these creatures fascinate me, and i’m still working to build up my list of 116 sightings/convos

model – “you’re tall – you must model!” … someday

love – every little girl plans out her love life, and i love living mine



write – maybe i was born to do just this, whether it be in nyc (covering all those celebs) or just jotting down craziness on here

bevo – my dream car became mine in the most spectacular way – yay


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