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What Should You Be When You Grow Up?

1. When you were a child, you could be found playing with:

A. Sporting equipment

B. Dolls

C. Sticks

D. Crayons










2. In middle school, you were known as the kid that:

A. Won every game

B. Wore makeup early

C. Never bathed

D. Was always reading









3. Your first love was:

A. A sports team

B. A total hottie

C. Ew, gross, no!

D. A secret






4. When graduating, you wanted to be remembered for:

A. MVP records

B. Your looks

C. Anything

D. The sets you designed for plays












5. If you could’ve picked any college major, it would have been:

A. Skipping school and heading for the pros

B. Something that will allow me to model on the side

C. Whatever is easiest

D. A major that would’ve let me truly express myself






6. Your biggest accomplishment so far is:

A. That state championship in high school

B. Finding true love

C. Still being alive

D. Landing a job you’re passionate about






7. Speaking of seven, our final question, who do you consider lucky:

A. Lebron James

B. Kim Kardashian

C. No one – luck is dumb

D. Me, of course!












If you answered mostly…

A: It may be too late to join the NFL (maybe!), but why not consider getting your personal trainer certification or teaching Little League? Your love of the game will come across as helpful in these situation – when you do find time to squeeze them in around your season tickets!

B: You’re known for your looks, but remember to stay modest! You could definitely try modeling – or at least attempt getting famous on social media, by sharing your outfits and design through blog posts and Instagram photos.

C: You don’t really know what you want – and that’s okay. By picking up new hobbies, hanging out at new places and trying new things in general, you could discover a whole new passion!

D: It will do you good to stay in a position that keeps your creative juices flowing, whether you’re writing novels, painting for fun or teaching/volunteering at a local theater!


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