As a child, I looked up to the pretty, nice girls in high school and my fave actresses on TV, but here are the ones that I actually imitated in real life…

cool room

I’m sure I’ve tried to be like Hilary/Lizzie many times (We ARE both from Texas, and she IS one of the few who hasn’t let Hollywood ruin her.), but you see those lights behind her bed? Yes, I immediately bought some flower ones, to light my room up oh-so perfectly.


While I wasn’t obsessed with this show or anything, I do enjoy reminiscing about Clarissa’s fab outfits. But the thing I stole from her? I, too, transformed my old doll house into an entertainment system, with the perfect cubbies for a TV and VCR.

CaptureNow, this one copied me! My lockers always had the greatest accessories, and while I never would’ve gone so far as to deface school property by painting mine pink (though I MAY have been able to talk the principal into it, right?;), mine were always as great as Sharpay’s.


Currently, I’m realizing that great leaders – the ones to really look up to – are the ones whose words, actions and entire lives you’d be okay with copying. Furthermore, if these people lead by example and don’t even know it – it’s just that apparent that they know what they’re doing and they do it oh-so well – then those are the ones you should definitely be admiring and, yes, even copying a bit, to acquire the best traits possible!

BONUS: Maybe this is the day you’ll get a new spark of inspiration, to strive to be like the people above. Whether you want to update your home accessories or work to live with character that blows others away, I hope you do so happily and purposefully!



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