Bootiful Halloween DIYs

It’s my second favorite time of the year! I’ve always said that I wish it could be summer year-round (vacations, beaches, tank tops) and then Christmas for a week (for snow, presents, the decorations and smells and families) and then a week of fall (for pumpkin spiced lattes, the best birthdays, Homecoming/football and Halloween).

Furthermore, I am helping a haunted house in Houston (Nightmare on the Bayou) get ready for scare season this year, which has spurred onΒ my love of gore and spookiness even more…so I’ve had my decorations up for a bit now (It’s never too early, right?).

Thankfully, stores like Five Below and Dollar General have pretty cute stuff for pretty nice prices, but if you’re looking to up your “boo” factor (and can’t afford awesome moving creatures), here are some ideas…

Dead/Floating Medium: foam head form, cheese cloth & flickering votives/plastic spiders to add some ambiance
Tree of the Dead: mini black holiday tree, fake spiderwebs (or real?!) & tiny bird figurines
Descending Spiders: tape, white string & fake spiders (I prefer glittery ones;)
Haunted Village: mini birdhouses, spiderwebs & black spray paint

All the above items were found for cheap at my local craft store, and it was a fun and simple process to piece it all together. Add some red light bulbs to your lighting, drape cobwebs everywhere, turn on a horror classic and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Bootiful Halloween DIYs

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