Tap Your Heels Together


Every time I visit home (which I’m about to do again, for Homecoming2014), I’m filled with every emotion imaginable, as my head races down memory lane, while still caught up in the goodness of my current state.

As animals, we have anchors tied to certain places, so whether home to you is where you live now, where you grew up, your best friend’s house, a tree house or your office cubicle, it’s still that place where your heart rests and where heart swells.

Of course, I believe my home(s) are the best, filled with my loved ones, my hand-picked decor, my comfort and my memories.

To paint a picture of where I’m coming from, imagine living in a fun and active city, where hiking trails, unique bars/restaurants and exuberant festivals fill my time and space. When I need to escape, though, I head back to my hometown, where less than 300 people reside, surrounded only by blue skies and open fields – not skyscrapers, traffic lights or honking cabs/buses.

That alone sounds nice, right? It’s awesome that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds (like Sex & the City and Andy Griffith), but it goes so much deeper…


My story began in Woodson, Texas, meaning that even though I’ve gone on to attend UT and cover NYFW and even though my K-12 years are short compared to the rest of my life, with kids and careers, it shaped me.

The most people I ever sat in a classroom with – 13 – yet I went on to sit with 250 kids in my first college class.

The shortest distance I had to travel just to buy milk and eggs – 20 miles – yet I went on trips to Boston, LA, Orlando and Germany.

The amount of people I had to choose from in the boyfriend/best friend arenas – not many – yet I’m still friends with people I met when I was one and keep up with all of my exes, since I’ve known them about that long, too!


I love that I live in Austin now and am using my journalism degree and adopted a cat and can walk/bike to parks, grocery stores, malls and food trucks. And I love having people over to my apartment I work hard for, to create new memories with friends and laughter and family and love.

When I scan my brain for times full of those four things, I do think of Woodson, too…driving the drag with friends – even though we didn’t have licenses yet – with the music blaring and the windows down…playing games and watching home videos with my family in the living room where first words were spoken and first steps were taken…


The moral of this story is that life is kind of cool, and I’m SO thankful for every moment, basketball game, tear, kiss, vacation (thank YOU:)…This is all short and doesn’t matter in the big picture, oddly/sadly/truthfully, but in our own little worlds, it’s fun to see where we came from, where we’re going and where we call HOM<3.





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