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Holiday Traditions

Everyone has family traditions – and of course I love mine the best

The times below are some of my faves – better than all the rest

I hope you enjoy hearing how we run things during the holidays

And I hope you have awesome Thanksgiving & Christmas Days!



Watching the Macy’s parade and football on Thanksgiving Day

Eating leftover turkey sandwiches for days

Decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving

Buying a new Hallmark ornament every year

Look at all those MLB players & Barbies!
Look at all those MLB players & Barbies!

Watching the same holiday classics (most of which are awesome VHS tapes)

Enjoying the Fantasy of Lights

08 027
Cinderella – my fave!

Waiting in the cold at my grandparents’, since the grandkids can’t see presents until everything is staged perfectly and parents have their cameras out and ready

Setting out milk and cookies for Santa (yes, I still do this)

Waking up super early, sneaking a peak down the stairs, then waking my parents up with my brother



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