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Three Things…

If you’ve been around me much, you know that I like to start sentences by saying “two things” or “three things” – to clearly set up for however many super important awesome things I’m about to explain.

Well, I’m taking a cue from Cupcakes & Cashmere by sharing with YOU this month’s top THREE THINGS…

One brand I’m getting really inspired by is Show Me Your Mumu. Their looks have that boho/carefree vibe I love, similar to Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Zarlin and my Marfa blog post.



Number two’s shout out goes to All the Wire, a jewelry line from Tori Gonzales and her sister. Tori, Courtney Kerr’s bff, got inspired by her sister’s beautiful love story, and the result – cool stamped metal pieces, similar to She Blames Me (another reality-TV-star-owned line:).



Last but not least I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon Furbish Studio (via this month’s issue of HGTV’s magazine!). If I were an Instagram account, I would be theirs – eclectic furniture mixed with glamorous accessories and splashes of vintage vibes thrown in…the colors and patterns are to die for!





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