Grow Your Brand

Every day, millions of tweets, messages and posts go out, updating friends and fans on everything from how a personal workout went to what’s going on in politics overseas.

For businesses and brands, social media is a great way to keep customers up to date and become a thought leader in a certain industry.

However, one wrong move (or tweet or blog) and your reputation could be hurt.

How can you truly know what to say on social sites? And which ones are best for your company?


…Think of your brand’s social presence as a garden:

There are some plants (platforms) that need to be tended to more than others.

Some need attention every day, while others can go a couple of days untouched.

And while everything shares the same general home and purpose, each one can be used in its own special way, for different results.

…So, to answer our previous questions, we suggest a trial and error approach to social media: Just like you must test water and sunlight levels to find the best fit for a new plant, so, too, must you gauge your audience.

Are you seeing more engagement on Facebook than on Twitter? If so, maybe you should post to Facebook daily and only tweet twice a week.

Does your business receive many comments on blogs and videos covering technological topics? Well, now you know where to put your focus!

…Mistakes will happen, and there will be days when a tweet nor a Facebook status goes out; never fear, though – The world will go on, and – if your brand has a reputation for being fair, honest, hard-working and excellent – your customers will stay loyal.

For more advice on how to manage your social accounts, feel free to review my work and contact details HERE; I’d love to help you grow your business!



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