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My BFF’s BF’s Birthday: A Gift Guide

Gifting-buying is a gift, and sometimes, I’m spot-on: I find the perfect Red Sox poster for my brother or a v-neck tee my boyfriend doesn’t already have.

Other times, however, it’s a struggle:

-You want the present to be memorable.

-It can’t be TOO good, though, because then whatever you buy next won’t look as good.

-It needs to be personable, showing that you truly know this person.

-But most people I buy for have everything they could possibly ever want or need, so how do you satisfy these people?

You want to know the hardest part of gift-buying? Buying for those special, niche recipients…like your BFF’s BF.

See, my best friend is dating my boyfriend’s best friend, so I – of course – get him a birthday present. I went through the struggles listed above, though, and resorted to Google’ing the problem – and nothing came up! There are lists for male friends and boyfriends but not for boyfriends of friends.

Well, there’s a list for that now…

Present suggestions for your BFFs’ BFs include:

-Alcohol: You probably know his favorite, so buying him a bottle or six-pack of that is a safe bet. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could include a neat tumbler or shaker or growler or other weirdly-named alcoholic accessory with it!


-Art: Now, before you bypass this one, think about it: Guys’ homes are boring and sad, yet they have interests, and even if those interests include only superheroes, sports and/or alcohol, there is art pertaining to that!


-Kitchenware: I may be lumping too many men together, but I can honestly say that any of the dudes in my life would love a set of plates with that favorite superhero on it or a pizza cutter shaped like a shark.


When buying for your BFFs’ BFs, avoid:Β 

-Tools: This is the go-to guy present, meaning most men have more hammers than they know what to do with, because their girlfriend, grandma and grade-school friend all resorted to another handy-dandy tool kit. Unless the guy is Tim the Tool Man Taylor, I’d say to pass.

-Jewelry: As an accessory whore, I often see a necklace on, say, Ryan Gosling, and think, “So-and-So would look so hot in that.” … But then I come back to reality and realize that most men just aren’t that into jewelry. So unless you know your dude has been wanting a particular piece, I’d also pass on this iffy item.


Alrighty, ladies, that’s all I’ve got…but I’m SO open to suggestions in the comments below…



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