My Best Friend’s Wedding

I’ve never seen that movie, but I guess I’ll have to watch it now, because, yes, my best friend is engaged! She has a ring on her finger! There will be a wedding, and her name will change, and she’ll forever be connected to this one other person (that isn’t me… #bittersweet)!
In Woodson, Texas, there weren’t many friends to choose from, but the three other girls in my class and I used to say that even in a big school, we still would have chosen each other as BFFs. We had the ditzy blonde, the athlete, the wild child and me (the smart one? the tall one? the bossy one? I’ll let them decide;).
And even when the athlete moved away, we all stayed close, transitioned from the two-blondes-two-brunettes thing into being Charlie’s Angels (with the tall one in the middle).
And now, all four of us are in serious relationships, and we’re pretty sure we’ve all found the one, and we’ve all known that engagements were a not-too-distant thing…but now the first one has happened…and it’s like a huge surprise!
The shock, the excitement, the tears, all rolled into one phone call with the ditzy blonde, the blonde who…
I met when I was one
had the house I snuck over to during lunch, to steal Little Debbies for dessert
got her first kiss from the guy she wanted it with
won prom queen and Homecoming queen our senior year
had this horrid puffy yellow coat in elementary
passed me assist after assist in JH and HS basketball
I shared a bed with on every church and school trip
was always there for every moment, good or bad, every time
2ad 002
I can’t wait for wedding planning and bachelorette parties…hers and the wild one’s and the athlete’s and mine…and many more memories to come!
PS: Happy four-year anniversary to myyy man;)

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