why my fashion is different.

“You should totally check out my blog; I shoot street-style looks in Austin. ” “I focus on plus-size outfits.” “My site is all about that ‘real’ girl, you know? Like, I feature J. Crew tops paired whatever new Michael Kors bag I have that month!”
Another fashion blog…How annoying, right? Well, here are a few reasons you should actually visit mine:
-I’m not like any of those girls quoted above: I don’t “shoot” anything, because all my photos are taken on my cellphone, meaning they’re not even that good – but they get the point across. I also don’t focus on one thing in particular; before I started GLiTTER&LiFE – many moons ago – I – of course – researched how to best go about it, and many articles did say to focus on one topic. I’m all over the place, though, because that’s who I am! I have fancier outfits then home decor then two anecdotal posts then more casual looks, ya know? And last but not least, I have never bought anything from J. Crew (because I’m not a Rachel Berry type), and I will never own a Michael Kors purse (because I like things like the below;).
-Reason number two you should actually visit this site: It’s entertaining. Because I’m all over the place, there’s always something new. Even when I visit my favorite fashion blogger’s site, I eventually get tired of scrolling through 15 shots of the same look. I, on the other hand, post one or two photo of each outfit…then, as said, add in crazy stories about getting lost with my boyfriend or traveling the world with my family or adopting cats or interviewing celebrities!
-The day I started writing this, a friend of mine shared this piece on overused/misused fashion lingo, which leads me to another reason to come here. I don’t flaunt the words “couture” and “chic” around (and I won’t judge you if you do, whether they’re used correctly or not). I also don’t share outfits just so you’ll follow a link, buy the same thing and help me make money (because my blog is about my passions, for other people to enjoy similar passions).
So, let’s just enjoy pretty outfits, shall we? Let’s share pictures of ourselves and our houses – pictures that aren’t photoshopped or styled or hi-res – because we like pretty, pink and peculiar things! Isn’t that reason enough for me to blog/us to visit each others’ blogs? I think so. πŸ˜‰ ❀

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