Go with the flow, open your eyes, and other life lessons from a “wise, old, mature” 20-something

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We could argue for a while about the meaning of life and what makes the world go ’round, but in the quarter of a century I’ve been on this rock (which moves around due to gravity, I think), I would sum it all up with one word: PERSPECTIVE.

Here are some scenarios that back this up…

Example #1:

You’re having “one of those days;” you broke a nail (opening the mail), were late to work (and the boss got smart) because you had to get gas, etc. You could either get in a funk – which is easy to do, since we’re used to our routines – or change your perspective: Be glad you have a job to go to, a car to drive and all your fingers and toes. Or grab lunch with a friend – one you’ve been planning to meet up with – for a mid-day pick-me-up session.

Example #2: 

On the topic of “the meaning of life” in particular, I think perspective is key; no matter your beliefs, it IS smart to “love your neighbor as yourself” and “turn the other cheek.” Having a positive outlook on life – one that causes you to be kind to everyone, not seek out ways to hurt others and patiently love, no matter how annoying the person or situation – seems like a smart thing for everyone, right?

Example #3:

This one is a bit more personal, and I’ll try not to rant or step on toes; I’m very proud of where I came from, and I’m a very nostalgic person. Growing up in Small Town, Texas, I heard many complain about how they couldn’t wait to leave our town and never come back…yet, upon graduating, many never left. This is another case of perspective, especially since high school students are not known for wise decisions and sound reasoning. To a 14-year-old kid, sure – a town of 300 can get pretty boring. If that kid was born there and attended K-12 there, though, it could be hard to fly from the nest after school. Furthermore, if that kid marries his/her high school sweetheart, they both could realize how nice a small town would be for raising kids. And wa-lah…Perspective changed!

Wrap-Up Time:

Before you freak out or judge others or move away…before you get into an argument, decide to give up or break up or hook up…before you get your mind and heart and values completely set in stone…Just step back and look at everything with a new PERSPECTIVE. No matter the dilemma or decision, I suggest a little sleep and a little time. Then – if you’re like me – you’ll over-think it then quickly realize you shouldn’t think at all. After all of this, you’ll either feel the same – the apparent “correct” perspective – or have completely changed your mind – for good or bad.

Either way, you will have opened your eyes to new things, and being open to change is actually a pretty positive thing, since life is full of ebbs and flows…It just depends on how you view it all…

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