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Fall Fashion: For Love & Lemons

In short, the Fall 2015 line of For Love & Lemons is to die for!

If you’re not familiar with FL&L, the company makes sexy lingerie – but they’re more than that. You’ll find sheer tees over lacy bralettes, slinky dresses with peekaboo holes and exotic jewelry paired perfectly with “skivvies.”

Fall wear is usually more bundled up, heavy and covered, but this brand manages to make it still look fun and flirty. The fact that there’s a vintage vibe is just icing on the cake!

FLEETWOOD CANYON,” For Love & Lemon’s Fall Knitz 2015 collection, can best be summed up in the following five images…


I ❀ fringe.


Chunky sweater, old piano & succulents for the win.


Pretty far out, yeah?


Colored tights can make anything a fall/winter outfit!


Nothing like channeling a Brady or a Partridge in the great outdoors.

I’ll wrap it up with my top fall fashion tips:

-Work those layers: Take note of the leggings, scarves and knee-high socks seen here.

-Add in your spring/summer wardrobe: Again, adding a jacket over your fave tank or tights under that adordz sundress means your upcoming outfits will be double the fun!

-Have fun with it: Maybe high ponies and fringe aren’t your thing; then take inspiration from Lady Gaga, find a blog that points you in the right/new direction and take chances…and stay tuned for more posts from me (where you’ll likely see a Christmas list wishing for the above items and a collage of me rockin’ looks from the 60s). xo


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