*The following bold points are from The following italicized comments are my thoughts on the topics – thoughts that are definitely pertinant to a 20-something getting ready for one of her favorite times of the year, her HOMEtown’s HOMEcoming.*

Everything is temporary.

I’ll try not to get too philosophical, but perspective may be one of the most important things out there. No matter what subject you’re on or who you’re talking to, you need to remember that the car you drive, the job you have, the place you live, even the people around you…It’s/We’re all just a flash on this rock, here one day then moving over for the next few generations.

Take-Away Thought: Stay grounded. Be happy. Stay positive. Be grateful for what you have, without complaining about what you don’t.



The time you spend in your 20s is arguably the most influential in regards to your future self.

ICYMI, I’m a first-year teacher; part of me feels like I’ve been out of college forever, while I remember sitting in the very high school classroom I teach in just yesterday! I hear my students gripe about how hard tests are or how stressful boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are, and I remind myself that within, say, Jane Doe’s own little bubble, the grammar test she’s struggling to pass may actually be the hardest thing in her life right now. In 10 or 30 or 48 years, she’ll have different struggles, and each one will be awful while she’s going through them, yet seem small and maybe even dumb when she looks back on them.

High school is an important time in a student’s life, but I’m working to ensure kids that college and careers and families are right around the corner, and they need to think about who they’re becoming.

Take-Away Thought: If I went through major changes from the ages of 18 & 20 and 22 & 25, I’m anxious to see what’s next for me – and them and you!

It’s okay to outgrow friends.

The EliteDaily article I’m quoting mainly talks about how friends come and go – especially after high school. I can’t say who my students will stay friends with or who you love to hang out with, but I do know from personal experience that moves happen, kids come along, priorities change and life gets busy – and that’s okay! I still love every single person I went to school with and keep up with people I used to work with – even if I hardly ever see them.

Take-Away Thought: Like I mentioned in the first point, you need to be grateful for who/what you have and treasure the people who stand by your side through thick and thin.

We grow. We change. We have to. Change is the only constant in life. 

I may sound like a broken record, but I encourage everyone to see the world, read books, try new things, be open, stay educated and constantly evolve – another important aspect out there. If we all stayed the same, no new products or movies or ideas or concepts or medicines or generations would come.

Take-Away Thought: Make your New Year Resolution now; make a list of books to read, cities to see and activities to try!



Everyone’s presence serves a purpose. 

As you think about these new things, as well as who/what is important to you, remember to find the good in it all. I’ll use seeing new cities as an example: You may get lost, you may not like this new place, and you may be sooo ready to get home – but at least you did it, and you never know when you may strike up a conversation with a cool new person about this place or write an entertaining blog about this trip. The same goes for people; a good business tip is to keep every business card you receive, because you never know who could end up being a future boss or potential investor…and you never know when you may fall in love with the person sitting next to you on the plane or befriend a student you have in class.



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