what a weird time

Isn’t it [a weird time]?

I always get the post-Christmas cries/New Year emotions, due to thinking about all I have, all I could have, all I’ve done, what I wish I’d done and so on…but this year, it all seems even more prevalent…and I think I know why (kind of)…

Seven short years ago, I was getting ready to take on the world, leaving the tiny bubble I’d been in for the past 18 years, and moving to Austin – the mecca of adventure and learning and excitement.

charlie's angels


I graduated from UT early, hoping to be a journalist – even though I was told it was a dying art (and I guess “they” were right, since the magazine program I majored in no longer exists).

From January 2013 to May 2015, I then set off on a whirlwind of weirdness: I couldn’t get a “real” job, so I suffered from a bit of a quarter-life crisis (which you’ve heard me talk about before…which spurred me on to read tonsss of articles/books on it…which eventually led me to writing my own book on it…which I WILL publish at some point in time [Geez, how many times has THAT dream been my New Year’s Resolution??]). Despite the confusion, though, I did some pretty amazing things, like interning in New York, interviewing celebrities, learning about everything from washing kosher cook areas and fitting international bikinis to what herbal tinctures and hedge funds are. I also started my own company, which I should do yet another/separate blog on, because I realized what I was good at, what the city of Austin needed help with (at least certain companies within the city;) and how to use my degree + skills + passions to pay the bills!

So now my Google results yield pics with cool fashion bloggers and “Project Runway” contestants;)

NOWWWWWW, however, my life looks like this:

-I live in Graham, Texas (Yes, I know you’ve never heard of it).

-I am a schoolteacher – a. school. teacher.!!!!

-I teach back in that tiny bubble I left seven years ago (meaning I teach students I went to school with…even though they claim not to remember me…since I’m “sooo old”…:/).

-My dad is my boss, my mom teaches down the hallway, I lead UIL and OAP, I assist with basketball, and I’m surrounded by memories and old teachers and not Austin or Ryan Gosling or Longhorns or traffic.

In three months, I’ll also be getting married (since I have all this time to plan a wedding AND since my boyfriend of five years proposed [after picking up, leaving his favorite city and moving with his girlfriend to a town he’d never even been to].

Halloween engagement = the way to my heart = fun pics with the perfect ring/man;)

In four months, I’ll celebrate my seven-year high school reunion by watching my first group of seniors graduate; I cry at every graduation (because I’ve been to every Woodson graduation in the past two decades except for, like, three), but I know I’ll for sure be bawling at this one, since a. I’ll miss those kiddos tons b. I’m pretty sure IIII was just in my cap and gown here (right?!) and c. I’ll be flooded with more of the memories/thoughts like the above, regarding the circle of life and how blessed we are and how crazy life is and how fast time flies and how weird it is that I’ve done so many amazing-yet-odd things in the past few years AND how that weirdness will only increase…since I’ve (hopefully) only lived one quarter of my life…so the next few years will be filled with babies and more students and vacations to places I can finally travel to…or with some other form of great adventure…because who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing…since the possibilities are endless…Weird, huh?






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