BRIde to B*

As I write this, my fiance and I are celebrating our one-and-only Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple (after spending the last four together…and by celebrating…I mean we’re eating pizza, drinking champagne and waiting for “The Walking Dead”;).

I thought – as a typical bride-to-be – that I would blog about this time in my life…This time during which I not only picked up and moved from Austin to a tiny town (one Tommy had never even been to)…not only started a new career (one I’d never even attempted before)…not only stressed about coaching basketball, leading UIL, directing a One-Act Play and living life…but also during which I decided to get engaged and plan the wedding of my dreams.

You probably know that I’ve had my wedding planned for ~decades…but I also had it planned for the Hill Country…so I’ve improvised…and it’s going to be pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself…

PROS of being married near my hometown at this time in my life:

-My mom and I can use every/any spare moment we’re awake to plan

-Nearly my entire town of 300 (my “Stars Hollow”, if you will) will get to celebrate with me

ON THE OTHER HAND…This next list isn’t really about cons…it’s more about how…….

-I’ve been SOOO busy – too busy! – to even realize that I am, indeed, engaged. About to be married. Starting on a journey with one person. Taking a step that will lead to kids and mortgages and joint bank accounts and carpools and retirement (ha).

OF COURSE, I’m super excited to be spending the rest of my life with Thomas Wayne Baze – a dude I’ve loved since my eyes first landed on him nine years ago. I’ll never grow tired of watching “Always Sunny” with him or star-gazing with him or playing with cats with him or referencing “always” or “4815162342” with him or discussing life and now and love with him.

He knows that I can be a stressed-out/emotional train wreck (evident through the tears and copious amounts of chocolate and other tears), yet he loves me, despite.

I’ve thought about what this time of my life would be like (exciting, with the cake-tastings and dress fittings/bridezilla-ish, with it being what it is) and seen movies with different brides handling the stress in different ways…and here I am: A 25-year-old English teacher – one who left her friends four hours away, to move back to her hometown, and take on moody teens – planning a wedding between play practices and tests and grading papers and emptying the litter box and sleep.

Now, this post isn’t here to serve as a “woe-is-me” thing; planning anything can be stressful, and I’ve actually loved this creative process. I just really need April 2, 2016, at 3:33 p.m. to happen, to watch my ideas come to fruition.

Furthermore, a few weeks before that, I need my English I and II students to pass their STAAR exams, my UIL kids to excel at competition and my OAP cast to remember its lines at competition. THEN, I’ll have a somewhat normal life back! I can breeze through the last few weeks of school, tearfully send my seniors off into the world, graciously thank my parents and new in-laws for making 4/2 possible, enjoy life as a married woman and leave my classroom for the summer, to head for Playa del Carmen, for a honeymoon!

There are many stereotypes as to what an engaged woman is supposed to be and how she is supposed to act, but – if you know anything about Tommy and I and our proposal story and our fun wedding – you know we’re not typical. So I guess it makes sense that I’m checking things off my blissful to-do list in a haphazard-yet-organized way. It makes sense that I’m eager to please everyone (since Woodson is like one big happy family). It makes sense that I sometimes turn to students for advice on all of this (since I’m with them 90 percent of the time). And it makes sense that I have this vision in my head that I want/need to come to life, to celebrate life and love in the most purrrfect way…Right?!

To conclude (since it’s realllllly almost TWD time!), I can’t believe I’m moving into the married stage of life, but it’s neat to transition past the first quarter of my life and into happily ever afterness with my bff by my side…and in a pretty dress;)…even if I do feel like I’m going cRaZyYy!




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