Face Your Fashion Fears

I realized I haven’t done a fashion-related post in a while, since I’ve been busy giving life updates and sharing my random thoughts on random things, so I present…


What: A day (the best day actually – Friday) devoted to trying new things

Why: Because life is short, we are beautiful, and fashion is fun

Who: Fashion bloggers around the world partake in Try-Day Friday, and I’m sharing mine, thanks to inspiration from NYFW & Dia&Co, a plus-size clothing and personal styling service 

I definitely take fashion risks. Even as a child, I was wearing “weird”, funky, trendy items – styles no one else had seen or would dare wear…until everyone was. 😉 As an adult, I have even more freedom to mix clothes, buy designs and really experiment with my eclectic fashion sense.

HOWEVER…We all have those items we shy away from. We think some trends are TOO much or think we can’t pull off THAT look.

No more, though.

Here I am wearing a body-con skirt and a crop top.


Why I was afraid to wear it: I’m insecure about my hips and don’t have abs to show off.

Why I was okay with wearing it: I actually felt really sexy in this, and my husband didn’t mind me showing off my curves one bit!

Here I am wearing heels.



Why I was afraid to wear it: I am 6’1″ – I don’t need any more inches!

Why I was okay with wearing it: There is something a tad bit exciting and empowering about wearing heels – especially to an office full of men!

The Takeaway

I love the idea of Try-Day Friday! While you can’t get away with wearing a crop top everywhere, and while I’m sure it will be a while before I wear heels again, I feel inspired…so now, I will inspire you! Do a Try-Day Friday! Blog about NYFW! Sign up for Dia & Co. Just make sure you are taking risks and being you. ❤

P.S. – Notice how these pictures are a bit grainy? See how I still love the classic mirror pic and posing in front of my bathroom door? This is a fashion/lifestyle blog, but I don’t spend hours having photoshoots, changing into numerous outfits I spent way too much on and making my husband take my pic in front of 18 different walls around town. I don’t pay for a professional site, run ads on my blog or make money from the clothes I mention/link to. Bravo to folks that do that…but this girl does not have the time/patience for that…so this is just me…being me…fearlessly;)


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