I don’t like people…but I’m nice.

I consider myself an introvert – though some would argue that I’m actually an ambivert, since, although I prefer listening, I am open to talking and having fun and wearing noticeable clothing items and traveling the world and such.

I guess, more than that, I consider myself a homebody. Yes, I do like to go out and have fun and explore, but if I had to choose how to spend an ideal day, it would involve Netflix + my two favorite boys + our couch + pizza. And Tommy (Favorite Boy #1) feels the same way, so we don’t feel guilty about spending our weekends like this! We enjoy meeting up with friends for drinks, going on bike rides, checking out new art installations, driving to visit family members, shopping and date nights…but we like home better.

And despite the fact that we love home and like hiding away from the world and loathe small talk and hate stressful/busy situations…

We strive to be kind, and we have had several talks about…

  • why it’s important to use turn signals
  • why you should promptly respond to emails
  • why you should be on time

We all have those little things that bug us, but sometimes, I’m just baffled at how people seem to forget that a little consideration goes a long way. Again, there are plenty of times when we are both grouchy, selfish, etc…but when people in leadership roles take weeks to respond to emails or when people cause accidents after not using turn signals…Yikes.

My point is that it is…

A. Okay to hide away from all the BS out there

B. And not okay to be rude to your fellow living beings

un games for your guests at a gay wedding



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