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My Summary

I love my crazy-beautiful life in a way that inspires me to write about it and share it with the world! I also rather enjoy wedding festivities, the fact that my hometown’s population is 296, polar bears, blaring my music, board games with the fam, being a Longhorn, reading ‘n’ writing, nail polish, making lists, shooting hoops, watching movies with the hubz, holidays, creating stuff, capturing memories through pics, malls, kitties and knowing that my dreams could take me anywhere.

So I hope you enjoy this little blog of fashion, design, memories, housewives and writing – and be sure to check out my online portfolio, to see how my creative ideas could help you!

My Contact Info

Call me at 940/256/0119…Email me at…Follow me at britho10

Like me on Facebook…Pin me on Pinterest…Connect with me on LinkedIn

My Press Mentions

GLiTTER&LiFE has made the news several times, including when I pointed out some fashion trends and explained how to best “do” the man purse.


My Collaborations

I’ve collaborated with several brands, and you can read about each of them below!



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