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just 10 things

WOODSON, TEXAS: I'm from this town of 296, where my dad is the superintendent of the one school, which my brother and I started going to in kindergarten; we both graduated from WHS - and I only had seven people in my class. My mom was my sixth grade teacher and still teaches there - and… Continue reading just 10 things

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I’ll Tell You What I Want…

I hope that I get to be creative every day for the rest of my life. that my boyfriend and I are still cool bffs 70 years from now. polar bears don't go extinct. more truly scary movies come out. I dream of publishing at least one book. of being famous...or at least rubbing shoulders… Continue reading I’ll Tell You What I Want…

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Austin Bucket List (&then some;)

This started as a checklist for my Austin Bucket List, but then I kept remembering other awesome stuff I've done elsewhere! Therefore, I've broken down my life, giving you the adventurous highlights AND all the cool stuff I've done in the 512... 1990-1999: First steps, words, day of school and lost teeth (and busted out… Continue reading Austin Bucket List (&then some;)