just 10 things

  1. WOODSON, TEXAS: I’m from this town of 296, where my dad is the superintendent of the one school, which my brother and I started going to in kindergarten; we both graduated from WHS – and I only had seven people in my class. My mom was my sixth grade teacher and still teaches there – and I teach there now, too. No, we didn’t ride horses to school (I don’t even own a pair of boots.), but yes, I love this safe and comfortable home.
  2. WRITING: I remember asking my parents to buy me a tablet to write stories in when I was so young that some of my peers couldn’t even write complete sentences yet. English was always my favorite class in school, and I created my school’s newspaper and started contributing to my county’s weekly paper. I went on to major in journalism and write for publications like Austin Home, New York Resident and Us Weekly and cover events such as SXSW and New York Fashion Week. See where I’m currently writing via my online portfolio!
  3. AUSTIN, TEXAS: I attended the University of Texas at Austin and can still hardly believe I graduated from such an esteemed school. Though I’m away from ATX right now, I’ll be back, because I love it all: Alamo Drafthouse, Cathedral of Junk, Spiderhouse, Greenbelt, The Domain, Kerby Lane, Toy Joy, SoCo, the Veloway – See a complete list of my faves here😉
  4. MOVIES: I’ve always said my favorites are “A Walk to Remember the Titans”, combining two that I love. My family and I loveee going to the theater (mainly for popcorn and previews, amiright?), and if a movie can freak me out (in a scary or mind-blowing way (like “Predestination”…WaTcH!), I love it even more.
  5. FASHION: I always joked that when I die, I want to be cremated and spread around a mall, because I can’t get enough of new trends, window displays, glossy magazines, fashion blogs, “Project Runway”, fashion boards on Pinterest and buying new accessories/outfits!
  6. TRAVEL: I am used to making 28-hour drives to different states and have visited over half of them – and maybe a third of the baseball parks in the U.S. The only places I’ve visited internationally are Cologne, Germany, and Playa del Carmen, Mexico (loved both…can’t wait to see morrre).
  7. CATS: I’ve probably owned about 75 cats, but right now, my husband and I are happily raising Catalina Crookshanks. I’ve also adopted a polar bear, and penguins = mine and Tommy’s spirit animals. Fourth fave animal = unicorn;)
  8. GLITTER: Everything is better with glitter (just look at this blog title and/or ask Ke$ha;)
  9. LOVE: I really really really do try to show love to all – why wouldn’t you? We’re all stuck on this rock together, so be nice/spread peace! Thankfully, it’s super easy to love my loved, because gawww, they’re amazing…like tooooo good to me.
  10. LIFE: Speaking of being on this rock together, remember that it’s all about balance and perspective and blooming where you’re planted and being the best you can be and breathing and finding your passion/sharing it with others and being you and laughing until you cry!
    • Balance: You will have amazing moments of triumph and happiness, as well as horrible moments of stress and sadness. Through it all, you can eat chocolate when you’re sad and happy and dream about the future while still making the most of the present. Everything in moderation, with your head on straight.
    • Perspective: When those sad moments occur, try try try to find the silver lining. Know that everyone deals with loss. And when you’re overjoyed, know that there’s a time for everything, and even good things must come to an end. ALSO, I say these mantras over and over, but I just decided to change this one to “bird’s-eye view”, so that they all start with “B”!
    • Bloom Where You’re Planted: How many times have I blogged about this? My high school English teacher drilled this into my brain, and now, I have it hung in my house and sneak it into my English lessons. You are where you are. Will you always be there? Probably not – since we’re always in a state of motion, with moves and career changes and marriage and etc. So wherever you are and wherever you end up, do your best in that very place.
      • ALSO, I’ve written a good deal about this state of motion: I used to say that life was all about waiting – We wait in lines and drive-thrus. We wait for our alarms to go off, our coffee to brew…for work to start and then be over…then wait until it’s time for dinner, bed and it all to start again.
      • Recently, however, I’ve been thinking that it’s all about change, too; my bff and I feel like we’re always…well…waiting for the next big thing! As we wait and move forward, we encounter these big life events, such as graduating college, finding a full-time gig, getting married, buying a house and having kids. I guess it isss exciting that there’s always something to look forward to…It just seems like the in-between (the “upside-down” I – and other “Stranger Things” fans – may call it) time is just…there – and this time of limbo just flies by!
      • So enjoy those little moments that do make you laugh until you cry, which can be filled with things as simple as going for a walk, stretching as you get out of bed, cuddling with your cat and this.
    • Be The  Best You Can Be: The Woodson ISD motto is a good one, and it’s simple (So why do we complicate things?): Be the best human you can be. Do your very best at every single thing you do. Period. Yay.

P.S. – Happy six-year dating anniversary to my husband, Thomas Wayne Baze. ❤

I’ll Tell You What I Want…

I hope

that I get to be creative every day for the rest of my life.

that my boyfriend and I are still cool bffs 70 years from now.

polar bears don’t go extinct.

more truly scary movies come out.


I dream

of publishing at least one book.

of being famous…or at least rubbing shoulders with even more famous people (since 148 = not enough).

that my teeth fall out.

of traveling the world with my loved ones.


I aspire to be

better than I am.

a happy and healthy mother (to possibly many children, all fabulously dressed).

excited to wake up 87 percent of the time, ready to conquer the day, in some way/shape/form.

someone people enjoy being around and writing letters to.


I wish I could

get my points across better.

live multiple lives.

pay off student loans faster.

adopt/save every cat out there.


Austin Bucket List (&then some;)

This started as a checklist for my Austin Bucket List, but then I kept remembering other awesome stuff I’ve done elsewhere! Therefore, I’ve broken down my life, giving you the adventurous highlights AND all the cool stuff I’ve done in the 512…

First steps, words, day of school and lost teeth (and busted out teeth and fake teeth, due to a spill on the gym floor, since, even at a young age, you couldn’t keep me away from a basketball!)
Nearish-death #1 (man tried to break in and kidnap me as a child)
First trip to ATX
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 3.44.44 PM
First junior high basketball game (in which our team received a technical for having six girls on the court)
Went to NYC
Broke the Red Sox Curse (by visiting Fenway for the first time)
Disney World + Orlando trip
First kiss/boyfriend
Went to Germany (where I met my current bf!)
Nearish-death #2 (caught in a Gulf riptide and thrown into rocks multiple times)
Got first car (Bevo Squarepants)
Graduated from high school
Got first tattoo
First college parties, classes and dorm
Went to Hawaii
First couple roadtrip
Covered NYFW
Graduated college
Spent Christmas in New York City
Knocked the following off my ATX Bucket List: Alamo Drafthouse, Violet Crowne, fly a kite at Zilker Park, Trail of Lights, shop/eat on SoCo, Peter Pan Mini Golf and hike/bike/kayak/Sup on/at Mt. Bonnell/Lady Bird Lake/Veloway
Started my own business
Nearish-deaths #3 and #4 (stalked in NYC; had to talk to cops about someone trying to break into my car…while I was in it)
First friend engaged (Congrats, Kirstie & Jordan!)
Did SXSW (I’d been involved before, but having a platinum badge from Us Weekly, interviewing celebs like Ryan Gosling, going to panels and parties…This year was different;)
My parting words? The things remaining on my to-do list!

In Austin:

Hippie Hollow
Hamilton Pool
Jacob’s Well
Esther’s Follies
Capital Comedy Club
In Life:
See all of Europe
See the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and Mount Rushmore
Have my dream wedding
Publish a book
What’s on your to-do list??

Holiday Traditions

Everyone has family traditions – and of course I love mine the best

The times below are some of my faves – better than all the rest

I hope you enjoy hearing how we run things during the holidays

And I hope you have awesome Thanksgiving & Christmas Days!



Watching the Macy’s parade and football on Thanksgiving Day

Eating leftover turkey sandwiches for days

Decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving

Buying a new Hallmark ornament every year

Look at all those MLB players & Barbies!

Look at all those MLB players & Barbies!

Watching the same holiday classics (most of which are awesome VHS tapes)

Enjoying the Fantasy of Lights

08 027

Cinderella – my fave!

Waiting in the cold at my grandparents’, since the grandkids can’t see presents until everything is staged perfectly and parents have their cameras out and ready

Setting out milk and cookies for Santa (yes, I still do this)

Waking up super early, sneaking a peak down the stairs, then waking my parents up with my brother


Bootiful Birthday Bash

On my birthday each year, I’m either just taking down the Halloween decor I’ve had up for two months or putting up Christmas decorations – because I can’t help myself. This year, I also had the honor of attending a ceremony at the capital with my family, to celebrate my great grandpa’s house/land being in our family for 100 years!

Of course, all of these festivities and the accompanying ones required cute outfits…

WP_20141029_020 (1)WP_20141029_022

Details on the above: Royal blue dress from City Triangles, biker boots from American Rag and fur vest from Forever 21 (plus Harvin Eadon-inspired arm cuff!)


Details on this “hot” look: Leather dress via Gianni Bini, leopard shoes via Steve Madden and gold necklace via Langford Market


Details on my holiday outfit: Statement necklace from Sam Moon, open-back tunic from Forever 21 and festive ornaments from Hobby Lobby!

 *Happy Holidays*

What you can learn from…

Alice in Wonderland – If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.


Barbie – You can be anything and everything you want to be.

Chameleons – Sometimes it’s okay to blend in.

Dads – Half of the most important lessons of your life.

Elle Woods – Wear pink on more than just Wednesdays.


Family Guy – You shall not tell a lie.


Gilmore Girls – You can never have too much coffee.

Hilary Duff – Nice girls are the prettiest girls.


Ice Age – Families come in all shapes and sizes but all equal love.


Jenners/Kardashians – Fashion is fun.


Katniss Everdeen – Whistling is fun.

Leslie Hunter (& the rest of the St. Elmo’s Fire gang) – Tradition and familiarity are sentimental and nostalgic bonds.

Moms – Half of the most important lessons of your life.

New York Housewives – It’s okay to ask for help if/when you’re on your last leg.


Otters – Find your soulmate and stick with him/her.

Parenthood – The people close to you will help you through anything/everything.

Quebec Lottery – 4,8,15,16,23,42 will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Reynolds, Dee – Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.


Social Media – Just because you can share it doesn’t mean you should. #youjustlookdumb

Terminator – If you have some time to kill, you should build up muscles.

Uncle Jesse – Life isn’t always perfect.


Vanellope von Schweetz – Do what you can with what you have.


Wizarding World – Magic is real.

X-Men – Robert Downey, Jr. is hotter than Hugh Jackman…and Chris Evans…and Christian Bale…etc.

Yourself – Who you are.

eZra fitZ – Drama can be troublesome…but also make you pretty.


Seven Little & Light Life Lessons

If you’re looking for tips on how to find The One, career advice or details on the latest diet craze, you’re out of luck, because these little life hacks are fluffier things I have come to realize.

  1. Be adventurous: I’ve never had caviar or done stand-up paddle boarding, so I’m going to do those things in the upcoming months, because I can and should! What are some adventures on your bucket list?
  2. You should move regularly: Yes, I transfer to new apartments frequently, because I get bored, but what I really mean here is that physical activity is one of the most important things. I never realized how valuable a built-in athletic period was in my life, and now, it can be a struggle, but even if you’re just stretching two or three times a week (but I’d prefer you do more;), your body will thank you.
  3. Know your passions: We have one short life, and we should fill it with people, careers and hobbies that please us. So indulge in that one Netflix show, go back to school to fulfill your dream and get all wrapped up in things that make you happy AND can pay the bills.
  4. Know your weaknesses: First off, you should know this just so you’ll be prepared in interviews, but more importantly, it’s good to keep personal perspective, to know what makes you human, where to ask for help and how to build yourself up.
  5. Have patience: All of life is waiting – in line for groceries, for your alarm to go off, to find an SO, for your favorite month/holiday/day of the week – so learn to deal with all of this, as well as the rest of the odd/not-always-perf curveballs of life.
  6. Love yourself: You’re going to have a bad time if you’re always upset at/disgusted with why-oh-you. Sure, you may wish your bottom teeth were straighter or that you had a Kardashian booty or that your could paint like Picasso, but you’re you, and that.is.awesome.
  7. Cherish your loved ones: If you are having trouble with any of the above, at least you have at least one person who gets you and cheers you up…so tell me about those lovely people, because I love to brag about mine!
This covers numbers one and seven, and we can talk about these lovely people, too;)

This covers numbers one and seven, and we can talk about these lovely people, too;)

My New Year Resolutions

The presents have been opened, the stockings have been de-stuffed, and even though the holidays are still technically going, it’s THAT time again. It is time for us to get re-serious about work and school, to make promises we hope to keep for the next 365 days and to run with that fresh, new feeling 1/1 gives us.

Therefore, I present to you, the ten things I’m hoping to accomplish this year! Wish me luck, as I hope you get inspired, too…but mostly, just enjoy the last bit of your holiday season, as well as everything that will follow it this year, in 2014🙂

  1. First and foremost, GLiTTER&LiFE will be better (No, I still haven’t decided how it will be different – just betterrr!). Writing is my passion, and on here, I can make it however I want.
  2. You probably know that with where I was a couple of months ago, I would’ve taken any job, for little money, and been fine, but instead, my waiting and hard work payed off, because I couldn’t be happier with my creative job! So, I vow to work even harder there, learning as much as I can and truly benefiting the company and our PR clients.Work-hard-in-your-new-job-02
  3. I’d like to see my family as much as I did when I was unemployed. They are my everything, so I’m looking forward to random road trips to the country for my grandparents, my hometown for my parents and Fort Worth for my brother!
  4. This one is tough, but I guess it’s finally time; once a month, I’m going to cook for my boyfriend. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but guys, I’m real bad in the kitchen, and he loves whipping me up something to eat, so I can handle something every 30 days, right?
  5. During the new year, I also need to work on making more time for things other than work and television. I get home at 6:30, it’s dark, I’m hungry, and my DVR is holding, like, eight new juicy shows for me. I’m pretty sure that I can use some weekends and evenings for other stuff, though, like fashion events, happy hours with friends or maybe even reading (I have so many books checked out of the library right now!).
  6. I’d like to use time to do charity/volunteer work, too. Ever since I adopted my cat from the Austin Humane Society, I’ve been meaning to volunteer there. Even if I never officially sign up for their orientation, I want to start my weekend dates with my boyfriend back up, where we just visit animal shelters to play and cheer up the pets! I could start carrying can goods in my car, too, for homeless people I pass on the street, another thing I’ve been meaning to start.111012141823
  7. Going back to number five, I do plan on reading more! I’ve always loved to, I have just been choosing The Real Housewives over The Catcher and The Rye, though, but I’ll get back on track, to educate and inspire myself.
  8. I will tighten and tone – and attempt to prevent a future of diabetes and heart disease – by going to the gym three times a week. With a boyfriend who trains at Gold’s (Need a trainer?!), I can SO do this.
  9. My love for writing and old-school things causes me to send random letters at times, and I’d like this to increase since a. it brightens days b. it keeps me in touch with distant friends and family and c. it gives me something purposeful to do with all my colored pens!
  10. Fashion is super important to me, and I love being able to dress cute every single day, so I will maintain this, which shouldn’t be hard, with my obsessions; however, there are those days during the month when I’d rather die in my sweatpants than actually put shoes and a bra on…I’ll fight those in 2014!workout_quote_banner

wondrous wednesday: 12 months of lists (christmas)

It’s obvious that everyone loves Christmas (unless there are actually depressed Scrooge-like people out there), and here is why I can’t get enough of the holiday season…

1. smells: Cinnamon, pine and gingerbread are in the air, everywhere, all the time, and I truly believe that the government has, like, giant Glade Plug-ins positioned about secretively, to keep everything smelling so fab from Thanksgiving until New Year’s.

This is just one big smell-good thing.

This is just one big smell-good thing.

2. white fluff: Even though I grew just a few hours from the warm coast, we got snow almost every winter, and the fresh powder makes everything feel so clean and magical. Plus – hello – snowmen, snowball fights and snow ice cream!
3. wrapping: Picking out the exact right paper, creating crisp corners, adorning gifts with great bows or strings…This process is almost as fun as picking out new school supplies (RIP).
4. reflections: People can’t help but feel jolly and smile and give, and as another year winds down, we look back on the good we have and prepare for all the great to come.
5. chestnuts roasting: Okay, so I’ve never done or seen this, but all those cute little things that may happen somewhere and obviously used to happen and at least metaphorically happen are special and sweet!

See, it's just...weird, right?

See, it’s just…weird, right?

6. Hallmark: It’s tradition to go get new ornaments every year, even though are tree is already quite full of opening hearts, cut-out rocking horses and singing Santas (Tanner collects pro athletes; Mom, old tin buildings; and I, Barbies).

I used to collect these, until they discontinued them.

I used to collect these, until they discontinued them.

7. food: The copious amounts during the holidays make me happier than happy, especially when most of it is, like, cookies and pie.
8. media: Let’s face it: Christmas music by Bing and the Chipmunks and movies like Miracle on 34th Street and Elf are better than any other forms of media, no matter how many times they are seen/heard.

My all-time fave.

My all-time fave.

9. smiles: As mentioned on #4, everyone is just full of magic during these times, and it’s not uncommon to see wondrous things, like in the films on #8.
10. memories: Sure, thinking back on all the toys you’ve ever received seems good enough, but combining the time my whole family got snowed in at my grandparents’ and sled on a truck hood + making iced cookies from scratch for Santa, still + the time I was on the news with Santa + taking turns opening our stockings and knowing that everyone has to check out everyone else’s new undies before the real presents can be opened + the time Santa wrote my brother and I a note on a napkin…You get the idea;)

PS – This will be my final “months of lists” post, since I’m revamping GLiTTER&LiFE. Speaking of…How do you like the new design?


wondrous wednesday is here to inspire


btw betchya: what to blog about

Hello, my humble number of readers! It looks different around here, yeah? With a big, exciting, new chapter of my life (finally have one full-time position, paying all my bills, starting year three with the boy, end of 2013, etc.), I decided it was time for a blog change, too.

I’m pretty sure I’ll still be posting pictures of Cat and talking about my favorite TV shows, but I know I want there to be a more…sophisticated?…air around here.

Therefore, I googled what the best blogs should talk about, and this site told me I should talk about the following…Enjoy;)

1. That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever

I guess I would say my first boyfriend, because first loves are fab, amiright? And while I’m glad I waited for such a great guy then…I’m even happier I have THE ONE right now…<3
2. The worst movie you ever did see, and why

My automatic response to this is “Big Fish,” because I remember hating in the theater, as a child, but I have been meaning to revisit it.
3. Your favorite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world

My specialty is taking chocolate chip cookie dough, heating it up in the microwave for, like, fifteen seconds and eating the entire package, mhhmmm….
4. The day you left home

Oh, gosh. I was so excited for college. My family came down, and we spent hours getting my dorm just right. Everyone cried when I left – but me, ha – which I think was good for them, to see me so ready for adventure and education and that new chapter!

It wasn't too bad moving next door to this...;)

It wasn’t too bad moving next door to this…;)

5. That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it

Hmm… “I shall not tell a lie” …
6. The hardest thing you’ve ever been through

Part of my revamp may to not be so vulnerable and open, ha. Sure, I KNOW you need to know about my antiques and outfits, but things like the above…I’ll spare us all.
7. 9 things you just can’t handle

Improper grammar (hinthint), snapchat, tequila, dogs slobbering on me, bad things happening to good people and vice versa, party-poopers, sad songs during slideshows (especially at graduations or weddings), broken nails and being out in the rain are all stinky.
8. Your day in photos

…would never be something I’d put you through – I’m NOT a selfies girl.
9. Your most excruciatingly embarrassing moment

I got pantsed in the seventh grade, and that was pretty dramatic for a young teen.
10. A letter to your 16 year old self

Is it sad that I’m not that different from that me? What I mostly remember is loving life, yet being quite emotional, which still rings true.;)

See. sixteen-year-old me seems happy, right? Rockin' those Claire's earrings with my high school besties...;)

See. sixteen-year-old me seems happy, right? Rockin’ those Claire’s earrings with my high school besties…;)

11. The day you started blogging

As a writer, I had been contemplating one for a while and finally decided to just start throwing random thoughts onto the screen. Sure, my family and besties – and random other lovers who randomly stumble upon “party” or “housewives” – like it, but another part of this revamp is to be more…general.
12. What your Facebook status might be in 2018

I already know I’ll blow social media – and this blog – up with pics of my adorable kiddos…Sorry and you’re welcome in advance!
13. What you’re addicted to

My loved ones, sweets and Bravo are all my life forces.
14. That time that you met a complete stranger

Being from a small town and being a female giant have both led to many conversations, which I love.
15. Fashion: Your top 5 favourite bags/dresses/looks/hair-dos/shoes right now

Ooo, fun! I’m loving layers with chunky jewelry, feminine dresses with biker boots, the whole I’m-barely-trying-to-look-grunge-but-it’s-coming-off-as-this-effortless-young-chic-thing thing, flats with colored toes and – of course – giant carry-all bags.
16. What you’ve learned about life so far

You’ve just got to go with it. Sooo many factors will determine where you end up and what you’ll do, and you can’t make everyone happy or do every single thing you want, so just go with it, live, and be happy.
17. What’s on your mind right now

I want mini smores, ever since my brother told me about making “trail mix,” with Teddy Grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows…BRB!
18. Something you lost

I had a phone car charger for, like, a day…No idea where that went…
19. Bad habits

…exist for a reason, right? If I didn’t bite all my cuticle skin off when I was stressed or anxious, I could do something way worse, right? Right?!
20. A guide to the town you live in

Get ready, because a. you’ve probably never been to such a tiny place, and might go crazy without a gas station or mall, but b. you are in for the friendliest and most genuine fun; all 296 residents of Woodson, Texas, are like a big family, and it’s nice to just watch six-man football, drive around – with blaring music – on deserted roads and surround yourself with people who truly care about you.

See, population 296 (and Bevo Squarepants...;)

See, population 296 (and Bevo Squarepants…;)

21. What you want to be when you grow up {yes, there’s still time}

Someday, I will have a style-related job, whether it just be reporting on trends, planning events, assisting others with clothes and decor or a combo of it all!
22. Something you found

I found the perfect kitty, and I love my Catalina Crookshanks!

23. The menu for your last meal ever

I’d have chocolate milk, cookie dough, mac’n’cheese and cheese-stuffed crust cheese pizza, with extra cheese, please&thanx.
24. A response to a popular blog post written by someone else

I’ll definitely go with Miss Rachel Week’s “Twenty-Something Thoughts for the Twenty-Something,” because I can definitely relate to her blog; she hits on what young girls are going through and does it in a fun’n’fresh way – love it.
25. Write a list post on things for people to blog about

Best outfits of the week/month, news on your fave celebs, things that keep you up at night and feelings about new chapters are all good blog topics…and all things I touched upon during my first month of this blog, two years ago (ew, lol)!

PS – This will be the last “btw betchya” post, because in 2014, I will not have *gasp* categorized days! #revamp

btw betchya will hopefully make you see we’re not all mad here