In Another LiFE

  In another life, I would like to... have a creepy-yet-cool roadside attraction I've always envisioned my retired days being filled up with building, owning and running a kitschy, creepy roadside attraction. I would have land behind my countryside house, and from the road, you would be able to see the top of a pink …

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

My top five favorite... ANIMALS: cats, polar bears, penguins, huskies and Toothless the Dragon BOOKS: "In Cold Blood", "The Lost Symbol", "Alice in Wonderland", "Night Circus" and "11/23/63" COLORS: pink, black, charcoal, purple and gold DRINKS: iced coffee, water, Gulden Draak, Chicken E sweet tea and prickly pear margaritas EATS: pizza, mac'n'cheese, Toaster Scramblers, sushi …

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A SoCal Summer

Here's a fun little story: My first job out of college was for this super awesome dude named Joe Mahan. And last year, Mr. Joseph Edward Mahan obtained his wedding officiant license and married Tommy and I. And this year, he finally tied the knot himself! He and Amy are beautiful and perfect, so their …

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