fresh papers && fresh perspectives

As mentioned, education is, has been and always will be a big part of my life. As the child of educators and as a child who loved school, I have always associated August with fresh excitement. Buying school supplies will forever be an enjoyment for me, since there is nothing like starting something exciting in… Continue reading fresh papers && fresh perspectives

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Seven Little & Light Life Lessons

If you're looking for tips on how to find The One, career advice or details on the latest diet craze, you're out of luck, because these little life hacks are fluffier things I have come to realize. Be adventurous:ย I've never had caviar or done stand-up paddle boarding, so I'm going to do those things in… Continue reading Seven Little & Light Life Lessons

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tight thursday: money is tight

This personal blog shows that things are tight a. between my loved ones and b. financially.ย  I've officially hit the post-grad, young adult life. Yes, I've been out of college for several months now, and I've technically been an adult for almost five years, but things got real recently. I don't have a full-time position,… Continue reading tight thursday: money is tight