A Glance At Our Current Apartment

If you've been keeping up with my life or my blog, you know that I've moved...a lot. It hasn't always been that way, though. I moved into a house when I was one, and my parents are just now moving out of that house - meaning all my memories associated with childhood and junior high… Continue reading A Glance At Our Current Apartment


#TBT: Let’s Talk About College

A new season...A new month...A new blog + a great time to talk about another great time in life through this #ThrowbackThursday! I recently came across Earnest (a site that provides a better way for students and grads to deal with loans/debt), which inspired me, so now YOU and I are going to talk college... What Influenced… Continue reading #TBT: Let’s Talk About College



We're backkkkkkkk! We're here! We ventured off, despite some fear! We badly missed the city! We missed all of its pretties! So we're back - Let's all cheer! For some reason, our move back to Austin brought out the poet in me (see my farewell poem on Instagram), as I have been filled with SO… Continue reading atx<3