make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

I have had several bits of fashion insight to share, so I'm bundling them and sharing now, starting with... BuzzFeed - my beloved BuzzFeed - recently did a long piece, full of detailed charts and diagrams, regarding fashion rules and tips, such as... -Not all sizes are created equal: I remember watching What Not To Wear at… Continue reading make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

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End-of-the-Year Inspo

As a journalist - and, furthermore, as a journalist who would rather report on DIY trends and celebrity outfits rather than hard-hitting headlines - I'm fascinated by BuzzFeed. As a 20-something who needs something to do while Netflixing, I'm drawn in by the quizzes, click-bait titles and endless posts on relevant topics...but on a larger… Continue reading End-of-the-Year Inspo