FALLing into a new season…

...while looking good and doing some good! Fall is finally here, bringing crisp & cool nights, bonfires, football games, Halloween candy and a time of transitioning; while the leaves change, I, too, like to revamp my game, treating the new season like the new year. To begin, I am showing off fun fall outfits AND… Continue reading FALLing into a new season…

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just 10 things

WOODSON, TEXAS: I'm from this town of 296, where my dad is the superintendentĀ of the one school, which my brother and I started going to in kindergarten; we both graduated from WHS - and I only had seven people in my class. My mom was my sixth grade teacher and still teaches there - and… Continue reading just 10 things



*The following bold points are from The following italicized comments are my thoughts on the topics - thoughts that are definitely pertinant to a 20-something getting ready for one of her favorite times of the year, her HOMEtown's HOMEcoming.* Everything is temporary. I'll try not to get too philosophical, but perspective may be one… Continue reading HOME

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transition into a deeper level of adulthood – and a smaller town

Sooo...a move happened... ...and I'll jump right in with the hard facts, then trail on for a bit, using lots of commas, like I tend to do, explaining the logistics, which I hope you read, to understand it all...:) I will be teaching at Woodson ISD. Tommy (my bf) is training. We live in Graham.… Continue reading transition into a deeper level of adulthood – and a smaller town