make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

I have had several bits of fashion insight to share, so I’m bundling them and sharing now, starting with…

BuzzFeed – my beloved BuzzFeed – recently did a long piece, full of detailed charts and diagrams, regarding fashion rules and tips, such as…

-Not all sizes are created equal: I remember watching What Not To Wear at a young age and hearing that all clothes should be tailored; it would be weird if we all could buy one thing and that thing fit us all correctly!

-Mixing and matching: Sure, there are some color combos that will forever look good together, for everyone. I’ve learned with my husband, though, that noticing these combos doesn’t come naturally. Plus, fashion is about expressing yourself, so feel free to boldly mix plaid and polka dots, emerald green and hot pink and denim on denim!

-Clothing silhouettes: I had a student – in theater class – say that no one wears poodle skirt-type skirts any more, and I mentioned A-line skirts…and she looked lost and confused. Know your types, AND know which ones look best on YOU!

-Formality: Wedding season is here, and I already have my semiformal, formal and beach attire ready – but always go a little dressier if you’re not sure. You wouldn’t want to show up in jeans and be the only one in denim…but in a dress, you can elevate it with heels and heavier makeup or dress it down with sneakers and a ponytail.

Fun Tip…Vintage = Made at least 20 years ago!

Now, for some tips on how to balance your wardrobe between appropriate and … fun (you know, how to wear bandeaus and crop tops and cutouts to work and school!)…


Image result for how to wear bandeaus to work

Depending on your setting, this is a way to wear a bandea but still be somewhat covered; lucky for me, this could work for at a funky startup office or while covering a fashion event!

Image result for how to professionally wear a crop top

The trick to wearing a crop top without baring too much skin is pairing it with a high-waisted skirt or pair of pants.


Image result for how to layer shirts under cut out shirts to school

Have a dress that’s not appropriate for school, the office or the weather? Layer, as seen here and below!

Image result for how to layer shirts under cut out shirts to school

There are numerous ways to add pieces under and/or over your clothing to make it more appropriate for where you are going or what the weather is like…Just experiment and make it work!

Image result for leggings and shirts under dresses for schoolImage result for leggings and shirts under dresses for school

Image result for leggings and shirts under dresses for schoolLove the white t-shirt under a silk cami look, especially with cool, casual denim | discovered by Katerina Iatridou

And here’s a tip for you, men, from The Art of Manliness:

I also love this guide on how to update your look (great for transitioning out of college into the professional/adult world!)…

Christmas Clothes Week

Sure, it’s sad when the holidays have passed, but the first full week of January is pretty cool, too…Christmas clothes week! You select the best outfits and accessories you received as gifts, style them together and look even better than usual that week (to keep the celebration going;)!


This fun top from Daytrip pairs nicely with a leather cuff and Gianni Bini flats.

WP_20150106_002Fringe may be funky, but when paired with tights and a pencil skirt, the look came out professional (and fab;)!

CaptureI went more casual on Hump Day, with a comfortable-yet-fun top (and super long, straight hair #proud).

WP_20150108_005This shawl by Entro is everything! I did lots of gold and brown accessories, threw on a coat and was on my way!


Last but not least, I’m so glad I received this fun number, which can be worn so many ways!



Fall Fashionably into Fall!

Crisp & cool weather, crunchy leaves, cocoa or a PSL…Fall is a good time in the world, and that includes the fashion world. My tips for transitioning outfits from summer onward? Throw jackets over cute dresses, and accessorize accordingly. 🙂

Example #1:
dress2This dress (a Chelsea & Violet) is great to dress up or down, rain or shine, as you’ll see above and below. My beloved Levi jacket, combined with great biker boots, make this weather-appropriate. I added a Buckle belt, Forever 21 chain bracelet, giant turquoise ring and a cool statement necklace that I bought in a Boston subway once – Perfection!



Example #2:


Another great way to look stylish during Texas’ fall, without sweating, is to add boots to a jean + 3/4-length shirt combo. My fuchsia pants (on sale now) tuck nicely into these on-sale/black boots, plus this top…LOVE (it’s from my fave small-town shop, Casablanca)!

black6Of course, I pile on bling, to tie up the outfit even more than that adorable back bow does, with an Austin-made necklace (above), Forever 21 two-finger ring and leather-and-gold cuff.

black7How do you make the switch from bikini days to scarf months? Share your pretty pics with me here and on social (@britho10)!


A Check-In on Life #inspiration

We’re a little over a month into the big 2-0-1-4, and I’ve been working full-time for a little over three months, therefore, it is time for a quick survey…

First up, my New Year Resolutions:

  • I wanted to blog more – and I still do – I WILL MAKE MORE TIME!
  • I vowed to work my butt off at work – and I need to up it – I WILL WORK HARDER!
  • Seeing my family more was on the list – and I have seen them – AND I HAVE MORE PLANS TO DO SO! 🙂
  • Cooking seems like something I should do – but I hardly ever do for my boyfriend – SO I’LL TRY!
  • More of an actual life is needed – and I do make time for things – BUT THIS COULD ALWAYS IMPROVE! 😉
  • I said I’d volunteer – and I have – AND I’M READY FOR MORE! 🙂
  • Reading was a resolution – and I’ve opened two books since 1/1 – SO I’LL OPEN ‘EM EVEN MORE! 😉
  • Working out – oh, working out – THIS.STARTS.TODAY!
  • Lastly, I said I’d look oh-so cute everyday – and I put effort into my style most days – BUT MAYBE A SHOPPING SPREE?!;)


Next up, let’s check in on life in general. I don’t know about you, but some days, it’s just super hard to get out of bed, and I don’t want to be that person, so here’s how I’ve been getting through:

  • Every morning, I wake up my staring at a bright screen; of course, I always have my phone next to me, and it is nice to start the day by seeing who got engaged on Facebook, what Bravolebrities are saying on Twitter and – my favorite – what new quotes I can post on Instagram.
  • By finding a real kick-a inspiration line, I can post it to a. get lots of likes;) and b. motivate myself that “this is my life,” and “I do choose to be happy!”
  • Then, as I slowly get out of bed, I start my list of thankfulness, because how cool is it that I have a big, pink, fluffy bed? How nice is it that my coffee maker can deliver lattes? How blessed am I to have so many outfits to choose from in a heated home? How lucky that I drive in Bevo Squarepants? See, the day is great!
  • To keep the love and sanity going throughout the day, I’ve realized that I need breaks, and these come in a variety of ways. My workdays are pretty crazy, but I like to a. get up and walk/stretch b. pull myself away from PR emails/allow myself to shop online/text c. make lists, to show my progress/see what else I need to do and d. countdown to the evening, my favorite part of any weekday, when I feel proud of the money I earned/excited to drink wine, eat pizza, catch up with loved ones and watch Bravo.


For further, deeperrr reading on this, check out these great tips from HuffPo:

1. See a counselor. 2. Go for a walk. 3. Let the sun warm your skin. 4. Read a book. 5. Eat right. 6. Stop drinking (so much?). 7. Fall in love. 8. Laugh. 9. Create.  10. Connect with your dreams. 11. Have the courage to change. 


(Finally) Showing Off My Christmas Clothes!


DAY1: lace dress accessorized with black belt, necklace with key charm, black&gold leather bracelet and a puffy morning face

Day2: Rang in the NY with this amazing black-sheer-with-polka-dots-over-nude halter dress - with a fab leather jacket!

Day2: Rang in the NY with this amazing black-sheer-with-polka-dots-over-nude halter dress – with a fab leather jacket!


Day3: hippie shirt, boot accessories and a great leather&stone bracelet












Day4: layered shirts accessorized with great leather cuff and fun statement necklace

Day4: layered shirts accessorized with great leather cuff and fun statement necklace

Day5: finally got to the gym, with my pink&neon new activewear

Day5: finally got to the gym, with my pink&neon new activewear

Day6: blingy pink cross pendant!

Day6: blingy pink cross pendant!











Day7: printed leggings, ankle boots, loose-fitting zip-up and lace vest

Day7: printed leggings, ankle boots, loose-fitting zip-up and lace vest

Pretty in Pink


The new Caboodle, the giant ring, the blingy phone, the nail polish holder, probably eight things in the background…Oh, yeah, and the fabulously-collared button-down and amaziiing sparkly skirt…You could say I like pink a bit.

The best part of going to a job everyday (that doesn’t involve chasing after children or sweeping floors) is planning my outfits for the week, and this one was too good not to share.

TOP: Forever21

RING: Charming Charlie

CABOODLE: (in case you were wondering!) Target

SKIRT: I know I’ve blogged about this baby before, but all I really have to go on is that I saw it in a catalog, at my grandma’s, when I was still in elementary. I have no idea why I got it then, because I never wore it, but the glitz, the denim band…I had to keep it hanging in my closet, and now, it’s the perfect high-waisted piece!


wondrous wednesday: my housewife obsession – the story continues

as i sit and watch the 100th episode of the real housewives of orange county im like whattt the heck?! where did the time go?? why am i not a housewife or bravo employee yet?? and how did i survive before these ladies?!;)

i understand thinking the drama is dumb and the show is pointless…but it’s not ok!!! the relationships, fashion, trips and luxury is something i can only dream of…so i live through them!

i’ve watched the series showcase the trashy oc angels and – thankfully – transition into these powerhouse women who argue over their businesses, wedding rings, parties and boyfriends.

i’ve grown from being curious about the original blondes to being obsessed with each of the cities plus shahs, newlyweds and eligible dallasonians.

so in honor of this obsession of mine being so old im going to cover some of the greatest aspects of the franchise…


abode: vicki’s kitchen (despite her craziness, my mom and i have always been fond of this charming room)



outfit: tamra’s wedding dress (breathtaking. couldn’t be happier for her!)

yay pink!

yay pink!

looks: this show wins for prettiest kids

raquel-curtin-myspace Shane-Keough

jeana's shane, lynn's raquel & laurie's ashley

jeana’s shane, lynn’s raquel & laurie’s ashley

moment: today, i’ll say the “did you go to bass lake?!” accusation (so memorable, tamra!)


abode: lisa’s entire house (especially that dang closet!)

villa rosa

villa rosa

personality: brandi (i used to not like her, but hearing what comes out of that tall, skinny, pretty chica…i like!)



outfit: kyle’s (she’s one of my faves, and i want her hair)

child star to flowy-topped fashionista!

child star to flowy-topped fashionista!

moment: def the girls tumbling around the hotel room (so fun!)


life: carole’s (i mean, hello, journalism + kennedys!)

long cool woman in a black coat...

long cool woman in a black coat…

personality: heather (holla at that yummie gal!) it/her!

haha…love it/her!

hubby: bethenny’s ex, jason (mostly cuz he looks like former bosox ss nomar!)



moment: gosh…i guess any time the girls i like (really only the ones above, ha) make the ones i don’t like (really all the blondes) look even more crazy (ramona’s eyes, alex’s whole life, kelly’s jelly beans…)


outfit: teresa’s green reunion dress (idc about the comments – she looked pretty again!)

christmas pageant beauty

christmas pageant beauty

looks: good lookin’ fams!


chris, jac & ash laurita and albie manzo

chris, jac & ash laurita and albie manzo

person to dislike: danielle staub (over anyone, in any city)

...or beverly or whoever she is

…or beverly or whoever she is

moment: im obligated to say the table flip, right?


looks: lisa’s twin assets (remember that one time i told her they were great on wwhl?!)



outfit: lea’s necklaces (if her neck wasn’t always pretty, id dislike her more)



hubby: joanna’s



moment: they haven’t been around as long, and the drama is seriously not as there as, say, jersey or cali…but i guess…the confrontation with karent about soap opera romeo dude cheating…??


hubby: kroy (with a closeeeee second of apollo and close third of todd!)

love these two!

love these two!

abode: kandi’s (nice new digs, hon!)



outfit: cynthia (i like that she takes chances)

i mean, she doesss own a modeling agency...

i mean, she doesss own a modeling agency…

moment: kenya vs. portia (we learn all about being gone with the wind fabulous)


andy cohen of course! sometimes wish a was a gay man, just for him. he’s adorable and funny and gretchen explaining his back-and-forthedness during reunions…so true and wonderful! (thank you for making all of this possible, ac!)

...and let's not forget THIS

…and let’s not forget THIS

wondrous wednesday is here to inspire


fashion friday: flirty skirty

Spring has sprung! Bring on the A-line awesomeness, maxi madness and flowy fun!

Casual + Fancy

Red Sox tee with black lace skirt

Red Sox tee with black lace skirt

Never Lose Your Sparkle

This skirt is old, amazing, trimmed with denim up top and perf even for babysitting;)

This skirt is old, amazing, trimmed with denim up top and perf even for babysitting;)

The Carrie Bradshaw

flowy skirt + ankle boots + chambry button-up

flowy skirt + ankle boots + chambry button-up

High-Low Animal

hi-low skirt and my sheblamesme-inspired bracelets

hi-low skirt and my sheblamesme-inspired bracelets

Flouncy Fun

cheat day: actually a dress!

cheat day: actually a dress!

fashion friday takes my greatest passion and shares it with the world

manly monday: reality tv

rare things: four-leaf clovers, flying pigs, clean public restrooms, coffee better than Starbucks’ and males who like reality tv


amazing things: the outfits found on harvin and meyer eadon, boho headbands, persians in la and kyle richard’s hair



my boyfriend would prefer not to sit around with me and watch all my shows.

how could pretty women and fast cars and bitchy slaps not draw you in, though?!

on big rich atlanta, the cattiness is even crazier than usual.

what attracts me more than anything, however, is the above.

harvin and meyer have the neatest names and looks and clothes!

so lady gaga-ish!

all the atlanta women also love to rock gypsy-esque-ness on their heads.

and i scored a great one for $1.23 at pac sun!

shahs of sunset also brings the crazy – and recently ended.

thankfully, i have a zillion real housewives to keep me going.

they’re all about lotsa gold and extravagant food spreads and insane partying.

they have definitely crept up into my top three, though!

i recently read kyle’s book.

this made me love her even more.

and just look at that mane!

pretty mama…

manly monday discusses all things dude-ish-like