make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

I have had several bits of fashion insight to share, so I’m bundling them and sharing now, starting with…

BuzzFeed – my beloved BuzzFeed – recently did a long piece, full of detailed charts and diagrams, regarding fashion rules and tips, such as…

-Not all sizes are created equal: I remember watching What Not To Wear at a young age and hearing that all clothes should be tailored; it would be weird if we all could buy one thing and that thing fit us all correctly!

-Mixing and matching: Sure, there are some color combos that will forever look good together, for everyone. I’ve learned with my husband, though, that noticing these combos doesn’t come naturally. Plus, fashion is about expressing yourself, so feel free to boldly mix plaid and polka dots, emerald green and hot pink and denim on denim!

-Clothing silhouettes: I had a student – in theater class – say that no one wears poodle skirt-type skirts any more, and I mentioned A-line skirts…and she looked lost and confused. Know your types, AND know which ones look best on YOU!

-Formality: Wedding season is here, and I already have my semiformal, formal and beach attire ready – but always go a little dressier if you’re not sure. You wouldn’t want to show up in jeans and be the only one in denim…but in a dress, you can elevate it with heels and heavier makeup or dress it down with sneakers and a ponytail.

Fun Tip…Vintage = Made at least 20 years ago!

Now, for some tips on how to balance your wardrobe between appropriate and … fun (you know, how to wear bandeaus and crop tops and cutouts to work and school!)…


Image result for how to wear bandeaus to work

Depending on your setting, this is a way to wear a bandea but still be somewhat covered; lucky for me, this could work for at a funky startup office or while covering a fashion event!

Image result for how to professionally wear a crop top

The trick to wearing a crop top without baring too much skin is pairing it with a high-waisted skirt or pair of pants.


Image result for how to layer shirts under cut out shirts to school

Have a dress that’s not appropriate for school, the office or the weather? Layer, as seen here and below!

Image result for how to layer shirts under cut out shirts to school

There are numerous ways to add pieces under and/or over your clothing to make it more appropriate for where you are going or what the weather is like…Just experiment and make it work!

Image result for leggings and shirts under dresses for schoolImage result for leggings and shirts under dresses for school

Image result for leggings and shirts under dresses for schoolLove the white t-shirt under a silk cami look, especially with cool, casual denim | discovered by Katerina Iatridou

And here’s a tip for you, men, from The Art of Manliness:

I also love this guide on how to update your look (great for transitioning out of college into the professional/adult world!)…

just 10 things

  1. WOODSON, TEXAS: I’m from this town of 296, where my dad is the superintendent of the one school, which my brother and I started going to in kindergarten; we both graduated from WHS – and I only had seven people in my class. My mom was my sixth grade teacher and still teaches there – and I teach there now, too. No, we didn’t ride horses to school (I don’t even own a pair of boots.), but yes, I love this safe and comfortable home.
  2. WRITING: I remember asking my parents to buy me a tablet to write stories in when I was so young that some of my peers couldn’t even write complete sentences yet. English was always my favorite class in school, and I created my school’s newspaper and started contributing to my county’s weekly paper. I went on to major in journalism and write for publications like Austin Home, New York Resident and Us Weekly and cover events such as SXSW and New York Fashion Week. See where I’m currently writing via my online portfolio!
  3. AUSTIN, TEXAS: I attended the University of Texas at Austin and can still hardly believe I graduated from such an esteemed school. Though I’m away from ATX right now, I’ll be back, because I love it all: Alamo Drafthouse, Cathedral of Junk, Spiderhouse, Greenbelt, The Domain, Kerby Lane, Toy Joy, SoCo, the Veloway – See a complete list of my faves here😉
  4. MOVIES: I’ve always said my favorites are “A Walk to Remember the Titans”, combining two that I love. My family and I loveee going to the theater (mainly for popcorn and previews, amiright?), and if a movie can freak me out (in a scary or mind-blowing way (like “Predestination”…WaTcH!), I love it even more.
  5. FASHION: I always joked that when I die, I want to be cremated and spread around a mall, because I can’t get enough of new trends, window displays, glossy magazines, fashion blogs, “Project Runway”, fashion boards on Pinterest and buying new accessories/outfits!
  6. TRAVEL: I am used to making 28-hour drives to different states and have visited over half of them – and maybe a third of the baseball parks in the U.S. The only places I’ve visited internationally are Cologne, Germany, and Playa del Carmen, Mexico (loved both…can’t wait to see morrre).
  7. CATS: I’ve probably owned about 75 cats, but right now, my husband and I are happily raising Catalina Crookshanks. I’ve also adopted a polar bear, and penguins = mine and Tommy’s spirit animals. Fourth fave animal = unicorn;)
  8. GLITTER: Everything is better with glitter (just look at this blog title and/or ask Ke$ha;)
  9. LOVE: I really really really do try to show love to all – why wouldn’t you? We’re all stuck on this rock together, so be nice/spread peace! Thankfully, it’s super easy to love my loved, because gawww, they’re amazing…like tooooo good to me.
  10. LIFE: Speaking of being on this rock together, remember that it’s all about balance and perspective and blooming where you’re planted and being the best you can be and breathing and finding your passion/sharing it with others and being you and laughing until you cry!
    • Balance: You will have amazing moments of triumph and happiness, as well as horrible moments of stress and sadness. Through it all, you can eat chocolate when you’re sad and happy and dream about the future while still making the most of the present. Everything in moderation, with your head on straight.
    • Perspective: When those sad moments occur, try try try to find the silver lining. Know that everyone deals with loss. And when you’re overjoyed, know that there’s a time for everything, and even good things must come to an end. ALSO, I say these mantras over and over, but I just decided to change this one to “bird’s-eye view”, so that they all start with “B”!
    • Bloom Where You’re Planted: How many times have I blogged about this? My high school English teacher drilled this into my brain, and now, I have it hung in my house and sneak it into my English lessons. You are where you are. Will you always be there? Probably not – since we’re always in a state of motion, with moves and career changes and marriage and etc. So wherever you are and wherever you end up, do your best in that very place.
      • ALSO, I’ve written a good deal about this state of motion: I used to say that life was all about waiting – We wait in lines and drive-thrus. We wait for our alarms to go off, our coffee to brew…for work to start and then be over…then wait until it’s time for dinner, bed and it all to start again.
      • Recently, however, I’ve been thinking that it’s all about change, too; my bff and I feel like we’re always…well…waiting for the next big thing! As we wait and move forward, we encounter these big life events, such as graduating college, finding a full-time gig, getting married, buying a house and having kids. I guess it isss exciting that there’s always something to look forward to…It just seems like the in-between (the “upside-down” I – and other “Stranger Things” fans – may call it) time is just…there – and this time of limbo just flies by!
      • So enjoy those little moments that do make you laugh until you cry, which can be filled with things as simple as going for a walk, stretching as you get out of bed, cuddling with your cat and this.
    • Be The  Best You Can Be: The Woodson ISD motto is a good one, and it’s simple (So why do we complicate things?): Be the best human you can be. Do your very best at every single thing you do. Period. Yay.

P.S. – Happy six-year dating anniversary to my husband, Thomas Wayne Baze. ❤

Fashionable & Creative Stocking Stuffers

Fact: Christmas is right around the corner.

Fact: I get on BuzzFeed every night.

Fact: I’m a sucker for cute packaging.

Therefore, the following items – which are from BuzzFeed AND come in cute packages – are perfect stocking stuffers for the creative fashionistas in your life!





(all artists/shopaholics need good lighting to see their handy work!)

Fact: This last point has nothing to do with fashion.

Fact: This last point is cute, though.

Fact: This last point was discovered on BuzzFeed, too.

Sooo, enjoy looking at Lyft’s amazing office – love!



Fall Fashion: For Love & Lemons

In short, the Fall 2015 line of For Love & Lemons is to die for!

If you’re not familiar with FL&L, the company makes sexy lingerie – but they’re more than that. You’ll find sheer tees over lacy bralettes, slinky dresses with peekaboo holes and exotic jewelry paired perfectly with “skivvies.”

Fall wear is usually more bundled up, heavy and covered, but this brand manages to make it still look fun and flirty. The fact that there’s a vintage vibe is just icing on the cake!

FLEETWOOD CANYON,” For Love & Lemon’s Fall Knitz 2015 collection, can best be summed up in the following five images…


I ❤ fringe.


Chunky sweater, old piano & succulents for the win.


Pretty far out, yeah?


Colored tights can make anything a fall/winter outfit!


Nothing like channeling a Brady or a Partridge in the great outdoors.

I’ll wrap it up with my top fall fashion tips:

-Work those layers: Take note of the leggings, scarves and knee-high socks seen here.

-Add in your spring/summer wardrobe: Again, adding a jacket over your fave tank or tights under that adordz sundress means your upcoming outfits will be double the fun!

-Have fun with it: Maybe high ponies and fringe aren’t your thing; then take inspiration from Lady Gaga, find a blog that points you in the right/new direction and take chances…and stay tuned for more posts from me (where you’ll likely see a Christmas list wishing for the above items and a collage of me rockin’ looks from the 60s). xo

why my fashion is different.

“You should totally check out my blog; I shoot street-style looks in Austin. ” “I focus on plus-size outfits.” “My site is all about that ‘real’ girl, you know? Like, I feature J. Crew tops paired whatever new Michael Kors bag I have that month!”
Another fashion blog…How annoying, right? Well, here are a few reasons you should actually visit mine:
-I’m not like any of those girls quoted above: I don’t “shoot” anything, because all my photos are taken on my cellphone, meaning they’re not even that good – but they get the point across. I also don’t focus on one thing in particular; before I started GLiTTER&LiFE – many moons ago – I – of course – researched how to best go about it, and many articles did say to focus on one topic. I’m all over the place, though, because that’s who I am! I have fancier outfits then home decor then two anecdotal posts then more casual looks, ya know? And last but not least, I have never bought anything from J. Crew (because I’m not a Rachel Berry type), and I will never own a Michael Kors purse (because I like things like the below;).
-Reason number two you should actually visit this site: It’s entertaining. Because I’m all over the place, there’s always something new. Even when I visit my favorite fashion blogger’s site, I eventually get tired of scrolling through 15 shots of the same look. I, on the other hand, post one or two photo of each outfit…then, as said, add in crazy stories about getting lost with my boyfriend or traveling the world with my family or adopting cats or interviewing celebrities!
-The day I started writing this, a friend of mine shared this piece on overused/misused fashion lingo, which leads me to another reason to come here. I don’t flaunt the words “couture” and “chic” around (and I won’t judge you if you do, whether they’re used correctly or not). I also don’t share outfits just so you’ll follow a link, buy the same thing and help me make money (because my blog is about my passions, for other people to enjoy similar passions).
So, let’s just enjoy pretty outfits, shall we? Let’s share pictures of ourselves and our houses – pictures that aren’t photoshopped or styled or hi-res – because we like pretty, pink and peculiar things! Isn’t that reason enough for me to blog/us to visit each others’ blogs? I think so. 😉 ❤

Christmas Clothes Week

Sure, it’s sad when the holidays have passed, but the first full week of January is pretty cool, too…Christmas clothes week! You select the best outfits and accessories you received as gifts, style them together and look even better than usual that week (to keep the celebration going;)!


This fun top from Daytrip pairs nicely with a leather cuff and Gianni Bini flats.

WP_20150106_002Fringe may be funky, but when paired with tights and a pencil skirt, the look came out professional (and fab;)!

CaptureI went more casual on Hump Day, with a comfortable-yet-fun top (and super long, straight hair #proud).

WP_20150108_005This shawl by Entro is everything! I did lots of gold and brown accessories, threw on a coat and was on my way!


Last but not least, I’m so glad I received this fun number, which can be worn so many ways!



New Year, New Jam

Alright folks, here it is – my obligatory New Year Resolutions post. I already had a pretty reflective post last month, so my entire plan, for all of 2015, can be summed up with this:


If you follow me elsewhere, you’ve probably seen these images as my Facebook cover photo or hanging around on my Twitter account – because I just love them! Besides being pink and pretty, these two simple images show that we all mess up (even if you’re a grammar Nazi) and that in the midst of that – in the midst of everything – we must bloom, wherever we’re planted, to keep becoming the people we’re on this little rock to be, for the short time we’re here.

NOW, if you’re still deciding on your New Year Resolutions, I’m going to throw some ideas out there – that will not only help you but also support the awesome brands listed below…

If you’re looking for a new job/career path in 2015…

Turn to SandCrate for advice on everything from keeping creativity flowing and how to get through a to-do list to more industry-specific details on finances, social media and more!

Did you forget to do a good deed during the holiday season? It’s not too late (and it’s always a good time)…

Help heal abused children and horses through Therapy Works, an Austin-based ranch that works hard to give back. (You can volunteer time or money, if you’re not in ATX yourself:)

Maybe you want to spruce up your wardrobe this year…

Nadine West will send you quality clothes and accessories. For free. Right to your door. Every month. And it really is that easy!

If you are making a promise to be healthier in 2015, I’ve got you covered…

Whether you suffer from allergies/other sinus issues or just want to maintain wellness, Bloom Herbal Organics has an herbal tincture (drop of liquid you swallow, either alone or in whatever you’re drinking;) for you. These products are all gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, affordable – and come in pretty bottles!

Some people just need to start the New Year off on a nice, calm, awesome note, and in that case…

You need a massage from Amity Green Room! Even if you don’t live here, I suggest getting here just to try this place. The most affordable rub out there, plus given by super nice dudes who use years of experience to deliver aromatherapy and other high-level services.

For those of you who are lost on this resolution thing- but know you love food and doing good…

Bullritos is your answer. This tex-mex restaurant serves up yummy food AND loves supporting schools needing new textbooks, churches preparing for mission trips and organizations looking to raise funds, all through its charitabull program (something I think everyone in the world should use, to earn money while eating!).

If you will be moving in 2015…

Austin Conveyance is an eco- and family-friendly moving company that uses cool recyclable boxes and truly puts you first in your move. Plus, the husband/wife duo set up shop in a funky downtown ATX office!

Last but not least, if you went to Woodson I.S.D. and are still feeling that holiday cheer…

You should totally give back to your hometown through the Woodson Exes Committee. Even if my parents didn’t still work there, I would still send a little here and there, because this place helped shape us, and without them – no Homecoming activities…and that small-town fun HAS to continue!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas, and yay to a whole new year!

Three Things…

If you’ve been around me much, you know that I like to start sentences by saying “two things” or “three things” – to clearly set up for however many super important awesome things I’m about to explain.

Well, I’m taking a cue from Cupcakes & Cashmere by sharing with YOU this month’s top THREE THINGS…

One brand I’m getting really inspired by is Show Me Your Mumu. Their looks have that boho/carefree vibe I love, similar to Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Zarlin and my Marfa blog post.



Number two’s shout out goes to All the Wire, a jewelry line from Tori Gonzales and her sister. Tori, Courtney Kerr’s bff, got inspired by her sister’s beautiful love story, and the result – cool stamped metal pieces, similar to She Blames Me (another reality-TV-star-owned line:).



Last but not least I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon Furbish Studio (via this month’s issue of HGTV’s magazine!). If I were an Instagram account, I would be theirs – eclectic furniture mixed with glamorous accessories and splashes of vintage vibes thrown in…the colors and patterns are to die for!




What you can learn from…

Alice in Wonderland – If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.


Barbie – You can be anything and everything you want to be.

Chameleons – Sometimes it’s okay to blend in.

Dads – Half of the most important lessons of your life.

Elle Woods – Wear pink on more than just Wednesdays.


Family Guy – You shall not tell a lie.


Gilmore Girls – You can never have too much coffee.

Hilary Duff – Nice girls are the prettiest girls.


Ice Age – Families come in all shapes and sizes but all equal love.


Jenners/Kardashians – Fashion is fun.


Katniss Everdeen – Whistling is fun.

Leslie Hunter (& the rest of the St. Elmo’s Fire gang) – Tradition and familiarity are sentimental and nostalgic bonds.

Moms – Half of the most important lessons of your life.

New York Housewives – It’s okay to ask for help if/when you’re on your last leg.


Otters – Find your soulmate and stick with him/her.

Parenthood – The people close to you will help you through anything/everything.

Quebec Lottery – 4,8,15,16,23,42 will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Reynolds, Dee – Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.


Social Media – Just because you can share it doesn’t mean you should. #youjustlookdumb

Terminator – If you have some time to kill, you should build up muscles.

Uncle Jesse – Life isn’t always perfect.


Vanellope von Schweetz – Do what you can with what you have.


Wizarding World – Magic is real.

X-Men – Robert Downey, Jr. is hotter than Hugh Jackman…and Chris Evans…and Christian Bale…etc.

Yourself – Who you are.

eZra fitZ – Drama can be troublesome…but also make you pretty.