fresh papers && fresh perspectives

As mentioned, education is, has been and always will be a big part of my life. As the child of educators and as a child who loved school, I have always associated August with fresh excitement. Buying school supplies will forever be an enjoyment for me, since there is nothing like starting something exciting in… Continue reading fresh papers && fresh perspectives

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ICYMI, my brain is always going and going and going - even when it shouldn't be. I just re-read my last blog post, and as I combined those thoughts with some conversations I recently had with students, I came to the following conclusions: Life is short; I think we can all agree on that. Therefore,… Continue reading blahblahhblahhh.

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Falling in love with a new career

          What this first-year English teacher has learned/observed by returning to her hometown to teach our leaders of tomorrow: Classroom management is key (probably the thing I keep hearing most from other teachers and something I have definitely kept in mind, for structured learning) iteachTEXAS (the alternative program through which I'm… Continue reading Falling in love with a new career