One time, after a fight with my high school boyfriend and parents, my high school English teacher gave me some wise words on perspective, and since then, I have thought - and blogged! - a lot about BIRD'S-EYE VIEWS, BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE, BLOOMING WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED AND BALANCE. If I had to… Continue reading b.


Writing on Resolutions

Man, I just need to write - and, as a writer, this is a regular feeling I have...especially during this time of the year. Sometimes, I get sad, and when I do, there are a few certain things that always go through my mind: the passing of my grandfather, the passing of a peer and… Continue reading Writing on Resolutions


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

My top five favorite... ANIMALS: cats, polar bears, penguins, huskies and Toothless the Dragon BOOKS: "In Cold Blood", "The Lost Symbol", "Alice in Wonderland", "Night Circus" and "11/23/63" COLORS: pink, black, charcoal, purple and gold DRINKS: iced coffee, water, Gulden Draak, Chicken E sweet tea and prickly pear margaritas EATS: pizza, mac'n'cheese, Toaster Scramblers, sushi… Continue reading These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things