Writing on Resolutions

Man, I just need to write - and, as a writer, this is a regular feeling I have...especially during this time of the year. Sometimes, I get sad, and when I do, there are a few certain things that always go through my mind: the passing of my grandfather, the passing of a peer and… Continue reading Writing on Resolutions


I’m thankful that…

My parents got me hooked on the classics (meaning I'm quite familiar with "Little House On The Prairie", "Andy Griffith", "It's A Wonderful Life" & "Psycho" well as "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" & "Whose Line Is It Anyway?":) I live in America, Texas and Austin (with freedoms, pride, beautiful scenery, amazing sights and special… Continue reading I’m thankful that…


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

My top five favorite... ANIMALS: cats, polar bears, penguins, huskies and Toothless the Dragon BOOKS: "In Cold Blood", "The Lost Symbol", "Alice in Wonderland", "Night Circus" and "11/23/63" COLORS: pink, black, charcoal, purple and gold DRINKS: iced coffee, water, Gulden Draak, Chicken E sweet tea and prickly pear margaritas EATS: pizza, mac'n'cheese, Toaster Scramblers, sushi… Continue reading These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things