In Another LiFE

  In another life, I would like to... have a creepy-yet-cool roadside attraction I've always envisioned my retired days being filled up with building, owning and running a kitschy, creepy roadside attraction. I would have land behind my countryside house, and from the road, you would be able to see the top of a pink… Continue reading In Another LiFE

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The Best Shows on Netflix

Sense 8 From the creators of Ā The Matrix comes this tense series in which eight people can telepathically experience each other's lives. I was honestly blown away by this series. It's like nothing else. It goes all out, in every way, delivering beautiful scenes done by beautiful characters. It's weird and wonderful, and I cannot… Continue reading The Best Shows on Netflix

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manly monday: how “the walking dead” is (trying to be) like “lost”

Well, another gorey season has come and gone, and honestly, zombie-fans, I was disappointed! I've never been the biggest "Walking Dead" fan, but I love me some good guts. And sure, this show offers some neat images, but it's just such a slowwwww show! The acting has seemed so...not so great. Everything feelsĀ unnecessarilyĀ drawn out. Is… Continue reading manly monday: how “the walking dead” is (trying to be) like “lost”