The Best Shows on Netflix

Sense 8

From the creators of  The Matrix comes this tense series in which eight people can telepathically experience each other’s lives.

I was honestly blown away by this series. It’s like nothing else. It goes all out, in every way, delivering beautiful scenes done by beautiful characters. It’s weird and wonderful, and I cannot wait for the next season (which should release soon!)

Pretty Little Liars

A group of friends (the gorgeous Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell) wake up to find one of their friends missing and, later, dead. After her murder and disappearance, the group is contacted by a mysterious figure who claims to be their deceased friend.

This show is my guilty pleasure. It may have started out being aimed at preteens, but the murders, kidnappings, love stories, cliffhangers and fact that I’m the same age as these actresses mean that I will continue watching until the end (which is coming this spring!).


After their plane crashes on a deserted island, a diverse group of people must adapt to their new home and contend with the island’s enigmatic forces.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with this show. The description doesn’t do it justice. My family and I started watching it as soon as it aired on ABC (on Wednesday night’s, after church, with burgers from the Woodson Inn), and then my husband and I followed it through college, even watching the series finale at the Alamo Drafthouse. I can’t say enough about this show, so I won’t say any more!

Gossip Girl

The series is narrated by the omniscient blogger “Gossip Girl” and is voiced by Kristen Bell. The plot revolves around the lives of privileged teens living on the Upper East Side of New York, and they can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who’s always watching. Rounding out the main cast in the series are Blake Lively (as Serena van der Woodsen), Leighton Meester (as Blair Waldorf), Penn Badgley (as Dan Humphrey), Chace Crawford (as Nate Archibald), Ed Westwick (as Chuck Bass), Kelly Rutherford (as Lily van der Woodsen) and Matthew Settle (as Rufus Humphrey).

I’m not traditional, in any sense, so I didn’t watch Gossip Girl when it was cool to watch it; I watched it, like, last year – which was perfect, since my family took a Christmas trip to NYC, so I got to walk where Chuck and Blair got married, only a couple of days after watching it.

Stranger Things

A lost boy. A government lab steeped in terrible secrets. A mother who won’t rest until her son is found. The great Winona Ryder. The lovable Millie Bobby Brown. And Natalia Dyer and Finn Wolfhard as the Wheeler children.



This was an instant hit, and most people (Me!) finished the eight episodes in one day, being drawn in by the unique story and 80’s vibe.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Narcissistic friends Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dennis’s sister, Dee, run Paddy’s Pub, a downtown Philadelphia Irish bar, where everyone’s judgmental (and juvenile) behavior usually brings situations from uncomfortable to hysterically horrible.



What a great description for a great show. My now-husband and his old roommate got me hooked on this show, and we.are.them. My husband, Tommy, is Mac, obsessed with working out. I’m Dee, born to be a star yet ridiculed, at times, for being so tall and bird-like. Bonus points for the fact that these two are married in real life! My brother (Dennis on the show and Tanner in real life) is a tall, self-proclaimed god-like creature, perfect in every way. And finally, there’s Charlie, the wild card (We’ll give this honor to our friend Robin;). If you like to laugh and are okay with ridiculous/crass situations, I highly recommend Always Sunny (Season 12 coming 1/4/17!).

fashion friday: trending vocab

Believe it or not, this post is a fashion friday that isn’t filled with photos of me!

I’m sorry I love sharing my joy and outfits!

But I decided to spare you this time!

And I’m stretching the “fashion” part to something else that is trendy and in!

I give you:

Words/phrases I have loved picking up from television!


1. “Joon” (meaning dear), Shahs of Sunset: As in, “Tommy-Joon, I love you!” Cute, eh?

MJ and her GG-Joon;)

MJ and her GG-Joon;)

2. “Bud” (as a term of endearment between sisters), Big Rich Atlanta: As in, “Hey, Cat! How ya doin’, Bud?” It’s nice, yes?

Harvin and her bud Meyer;)

Harvin and her bud Meyer;)

3. “Milk Steak” (exactly what it sounds like), Always Sunny In Philadelphia: As in, “While you’re fixing me that yummy slab of meat, why don’t you just go ahead and boil it in milk, like Charlie likes it!”

ohhhhh, charlie day...;)

ohhhhh, charlie day…;)


1. “Brilliant-Beyond-Brilliant Idea (you know, a good idea), The Parent Trap: Sure, this may be a thing that has been said before, but as soon as Lindsay Lohan uttered the words, I adopted the phrase and still use it today.

I was always Annie, and my friend, also an MJ, was  Hallie;)

I was always Annie, and my friend, also an MJ, was Hallie;)

2. “Really Really” (in a British accent), Shrek: Anytime someone asks me, “Really?” I can’t help but reply like the ol’ ogre himself.

3. “See you in another life, brotha” (also in a Brit-like accent), Lost: If an immediate family member or my boyfriend tell me they’ll see me later, I may reply, “Or in anotha’ life, brotha’,” because I’ll never be over The Island.

Jack and Des :(

Jack and Des 😦

fashion friday takes my greatest passion and shares it with the world

manly monday: how “the walking dead” is (trying to be) like “lost”

Well, another gorey season has come and gone, and honestly, zombie-fans, I was disappointed! I’ve never been the biggest “Walking Dead” fan, but I love me some good guts. And sure, this show offers some neat images, but it’s just such a slowwwww show! The acting has seemed so…not so great. Everything feels unnecessarily drawn out.

Is this just me??

Again, I DO like the show (especially since I’ve seen the Dixon bros in real life;), but here’s another thing that truly irks me about this AMC series:


There is the classic good vs. evil…

walking-dead-rick-another one on his backThe Man in BlackCharactersTWDS3-Governorlost-jack-shephard-6328956-1280-960

The sad little, nerdy sidekick…


The annoying blonde who switches teams…


The Asian dude…


The blonde baby-mamas (kinda)…


The brunette the dudes fight over…


The “other man”…


The wise, crippled old man…


The killer…



Though, The Prison will NEVER live up to The Island…jusayin!

manly monday discusses all things dude-ish-like