A SoCal Summer

Here’s a fun little story: My first job out of college was for this super awesome dude named Joe Mahan.

And last year, Mr. Joseph Edward Mahan obtained his wedding officiant license and married Tommy and I.

And this year, he finally tied the knot himself!

He and Amy are beautiful and perfect, so their wedding, naturally, was as well. She saw Wayfarers Chapel online and selected it as her venue before she even visited it. She stopped into Kleinfeld’s while at a work conference in New York and just happened to find the dream gown minutes before closing time. Close friends and family members traveled to Rancho Palos Verdes to celebrate these two at a beach wedding, complete with a brunch reception and monogrammed copper mugs as party favors.

Since plane tickets are ridiculously expensive, Tommy and I decided to roadtrip to the event! We usually do have our own little vacation at the end of the summer, but we weren’t sure if we’d be able to fit one in this year (since we already had two family vacations this summer and moved)…but this was all meant to be!

I have made the trek to Cali twice before, yet there were still several landmarks/sights that I was dying to see, spots that I have had pinned and bookmarked, places that I now have seen!

Below, I’ve listed them all (some even have links/pics!), and YOU can make the same journey using my fun Mapquest link. Overall, the trip took 44 hours and 36 minutes/2,980 miles (not including the time we spent exploring each of the awesome things listed below!). We were gone six days and came back excited, tired and with money leftover; we lived off of Sonic + protein bars, we shopped around for gas as best as we could (There are apps that can find you the absolute cheapest – but that can be hard in the middle of the desert!), and we found affordable/adorable places to stay (which is why I’m sharing my Air B’n’B link with you!).


Austin to Tucson, AZ-12 hours (7/19-6am to 6pm)-stay at Wyndham

always so nice

Tucson to Palm Springs, CA-5 hours (7/20-7am to 12pm)-stay at Wigwam Motel

Wigwam Motel on Historic Route 66 in San Bernardino, CA

Wigwam Motel on Historic Route 66 in San Bernardino, CA

  • Mud pools of Salton Sea (didn’t see)
  • Ruins of Bombay Beach (saw – sooo creepy/sad/interesting!)

  • Joshua Tree National Park (didn’t really see)
  • #thatpinkdoor
That Famous Pink Door On A Lovely Mid-Century Modern Home In Palm Springs

That Famous Pink Door On A Lovely Mid-Century Modern Home In Palm Springs

  • Coachella (drove by and waved;)
  • Salvation Mountain (amazzzzzinnnnggg!!!)
Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

  • Mirror House (closed 😦 read about it here…and someone, please visit this for me!)

San Bernardino to LA-1 hour (morning of 7/21)

  • Rancho Cucamonga Service Station on Route 66 (didn’t stop)
  • Cabazon Dinosaurs (so cute:)
Cabazon Dino

Cabazon Dino

  • First In-N-Out (and the university?!)
  • Watt’s Towers (decided to skip)
  • Museum of Ice Cream (sold out, wahhhh!)
  • Disney Concert Hall
Disney Concert Hall in LA

Disney Concert Hall in LA

  • Tomahawk steak at Lock & Key (decided to skip after seeing the price ha)
  • Oldest McDonald’s (which has world’s most-detailed mural on the side of it, depicting Route 66)

  • Rabbit Hole Bar (skipped)
  • The Last Bookstore (could have stayed here forever)
The Last Bookstore in LA

The Last Bookstore in LA

The Last Bookstore in LA

The Last Bookstore in LA

The Last Bookstore in LA

LA to RPV-1 hour (eve of 7/21)-stay at Air B’n’B

  • Wedding at Wayfarers Chapel + exploring the area
Hermosa Beach

adorable Hermosa Beach house

Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel


Joe + Amy



RPV to San Diego-3 hours (noon of 7/22)-stay at Air B’n’B

  • Torrey Pines (beach + hike – no time!)
  • Hotel Del Coronado/outdoor mall (didn’t see)
  • San Diego Zoo (didn’t see)
  • Padres (can kind of say we saw Petco Park amidst Comic Con)
  • Potato chip rock (didn’t see)
  • Wind caves (didn’t see)
  • Legoland (didn’t see)
San Diego to Marfa-13 hours (7/23)-stay at Air B’n’B

  • Saw Prada Marfa and the creepy tethered balloon at night (yikes)
  • Stayed in an old train depot

Marfa to Austin-6 hours (7/24)-home:)
*see pics of this in my next blog!!!*

Three Things…

If you’ve been around me much, you know that I like to start sentences by saying “two things” or “three things” – to clearly set up for however many super important awesome things I’m about to explain.

Well, I’m taking a cue from Cupcakes & Cashmere by sharing with YOU this month’s top THREE THINGS…

One brand I’m getting really inspired by is Show Me Your Mumu. Their looks have that boho/carefree vibe I love, similar to Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Zarlin and my Marfa blog post.



Number two’s shout out goes to All the Wire, a jewelry line from Tori Gonzales and her sister. Tori, Courtney Kerr’s bff, got inspired by her sister’s beautiful love story, and the result – cool stamped metal pieces, similar to She Blames Me (another reality-TV-star-owned line:).



Last but not least I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon Furbish Studio (via this month’s issue of HGTV’s magazine!). If I were an Instagram account, I would be theirs – eclectic furniture mixed with glamorous accessories and splashes of vintage vibes thrown in…the colors and patterns are to die for!




Relaunch: Labor Day in Marfa – The Fashion & Sites of Summer Vaca

Relaunch: I’ll start this post by saying thank you to those who have enjoyed GLiTTER&LiFE throughout the years. I hope more people will flock to this little sparkly site after today, due to more fashion, DIYs and more content in general!

Labor Day: I picked Labor Day 2014 to start anew with this blog, due to having a whole day to devote to creating and due to a vacation roadtrip that coincided with the date.

Marfa, Texas: I’ve wanted to visit this little West Texas town for a bit now, and the end of summer seemed like a great time for my boyfriend and I to hit the road, so enjoy the below!


The Good: The best part of Marfa? An adorable place called El Cosmico. It’s where all the cool kids stay and looks like a scene out of “Wanderlust.” It’s affordable, offers free coffee in the morning, has a gift shop full of tribal blankets and sage and lets visitors choose from sleeping in safari tents, teepees, pink Airstreams or their own camping abodes.

Takeaway: Stay here! BUT – bring a jacket; I was freeeeezing at night, despite the two colorful blankets I used on top of me! (Yay, mountain air;)


The Bathroom: Just a cute little structure with a grapevine canopy, nbd.

Teepees: Sleep in a circle of hippies, awesome.

Teepees: Sleep in a circle of hippies, awesome.

The Shower: Wide&open&free

The Shower: Wide&open&free

Our Tent: "Wait, don't go in, lemme take a pic!"

Our Tent: “Wait, don’t go in, lemme take a pic!”

*our home for the weekend*

*our home for the weekend*


The Bad: Marfa is built up as this hipsters’ art paradise, right? Well, it’s not. There is nothing there – less of a nothing than you’d expect for a town of 2,000. We walked around to see all the cool studios and shops and the Lights Festival you hear about and ended up disappointed. (So we took some pics before heading to Prada and the Marfa Lights: Hat: Ecote via Urban Outfitters, Top: living doll (on sale!), Gladiators: Madden Girl)

Takeaway: Plan to spend your time in West Texas at other nearby cities (like hiking in Fort Stockton [which will take up HOURS] or antiquing in Alpine). Also, pack food, since there aren’t many places to eat (and most only serve lunch/breakfast and are not gluten-free, despite all those hipsters telling you this is an Austinite’s paradise).

Hat: Ecote via Urban Outfitters, Top: living doll, Gladiators: Madden Girltrain


The Weird: Of course, I had to get a photo at the famed Marfa Prada art installation.

Takeaway: Know that this attraction is 40 MILES ON THE OTHER SIDE of Marfa. Oh, yeah, and when you’re driving there, get ready to just stumble upon a huge creepy blimp in the desert!

Tethered Aerostat Radar System for surveillance

Tethered Aerostat Radar System for surveillance


The Summary: After these highlights of our trips, we had fun seeing the Marfa Lights (or headlights – whatever you believe!), stopping at road-side attractions, viewing McDonald Observatory and then getting home to our own bed and lots of pizza. I’m glad I got to experience it all, but next time, I’m thinking…beach? Until then…-me





dream a lil dream

when you fall asleep – “slowly, then all at once” – and when your mind wanders, pondering beaches, beauties and beer, you are DrEaMiN…and these are mine!

polar bears – i will adopt a boy and girl, turn part of my backyard into a freezer and repopulate the earth


RIP Knut

travel – i’ve been blessed to see tons of our nation with my family, and i can’t wait to save enough to backpack through europe, adventure down under and even glamp under the marfa lights


ut – this was the only place i applied, and i’ll always remember getting accepted on that chilly friday in october 2008 (2008…wow!)

nyc – i thought i wanted to live there but got to intern there instead, and what a dream come true

celebs – these creatures fascinate me, and i’m still working to build up my list of 116 sightings/convos

model – “you’re tall – you must model!” … someday

love – every little girl plans out her love life, and i love living mine



write – maybe i was born to do just this, whether it be in nyc (covering all those celebs) or just jotting down craziness on here

bevo – my dream car became mine in the most spectacular way – yay