New thingsss

A new year brings a lot of new things, and right now, I'm looking forward to some amazing new movies and TV shows, such as... "Waco" - January 24 - about the Branch Davidian cult "Maze Runner" - January 26 - the series finale...finally (Click the images below to snag/watch the previous two films and/or… Continue reading New thingsss


Halloween Tricks…And Treats

Happy Halloween!!! I've had my Halloween decorations up for over a month, and it will be sad to take them down this weekend...but soon, I'll be itching to put out my Christmas decor, so I suppose I'll survive. This October, instead of visiting haunted sites and haunted houses, we dressed up to pass out candy… Continue reading Halloween Tricks…And Treats



We're backkkkkkkk! We're here! We ventured off, despite some fear! We badly missed the city! We missed all of its pretties! So we're back - Let's all cheer! For some reason, our move back to Austin brought out the poet in me (see my farewell poem on Instagram), as I have been filled with SO… Continue reading atx<3

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tight thursday: 12 months of lists (halloween)

I would for sure say I'm "tight" with the horror movie genre, as It and The Hand the Rocks the Cradle were some of the first movies I remember seeing. Therefore, this list is about the greatest scary movies! (PS: I changed 52 weeks to 12 months...ain't nobody got time for that!) The Top Ten: Spooky Stuff Linda… Continue reading tight thursday: 12 months of lists (halloween)