This New Line From Amazon Is Adorbz

Have you heard of Sugar & Cloth? Do you know about Amazon? Are cute products, like, your thing? Then you need to check out this new line - ASAP! Just look at this flatware set... It's disposable!?!! And look at these condiment cups... Aren't you always needing little containers for sauces and such?!?? And look… Continue reading This New Line From Amazon Is Adorbz



The best part of Valentine's Day is that I have yet another excuse to wear as many of my pink outfits as possible, such as... this tee-and-skirt combo. One of my favorite ways to dress up yet still look cool, young, sporty and/or casual is to pair a cute t-shirt with a skirt. I always… Continue reading LovelyLooks

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Fashionable & Creative Stocking Stuffers

Fact: Christmas is right around the corner. Fact: I get on BuzzFeed every night. Fact: I'm a sucker for cute packaging. Therefore, the following items - which are from BuzzFeed AND come in cute packages - are perfect stocking stuffers for the creative fashionistas in your life!   (all artists/shopaholics need good lighting to see… Continue reading Fashionable & Creative Stocking Stuffers