This New Line From Amazon Is Adorbz

Have you heard of Sugar & Cloth? Do you know about Amazon? Are cute products, like, your thing? Then you need to check out this new line - ASAP! Just look at this flatware set... It's disposable!?!! And look at these condiment cups... Aren't you always needing little containers for sauces and such?!?? And look… Continue reading This New Line From Amazon Is Adorbz



My blogs used to be named for the days of the week, such as Motivational Monday and Thankful Thursday. Now, I could have three fitness posts at the end of every week, since I've been super pumped about my workouts lately, since I have healthy recipes to share and since I live in workout clothes.… Continue reading #FitnessFashionFriday



We're backkkkkkkk! We're here! We ventured off, despite some fear! We badly missed the city! We missed all of its pretties! So we're back - Let's all cheer! For some reason, our move back to Austin brought out the poet in me (see my farewell poem on Instagram), as I have been filled with SO… Continue reading atx<3