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Bloggers I’m Loving

I have always been obsessed with fashion, and recently, I've been turning to these lovely ladies more and more for ideas and inspiration! Ashlee Nichols of Little Lovelies Blog She writes about fashion, life, kids, travelling and beyond, and she shows it all in a fun and cute way via her Instagram. Jordan (Underwood) Washburn… Continue reading Bloggers I’m Loving



The best part of Valentine's Day is that I have yet another excuse to wear as many of my pink outfits as possible, such as... this tee-and-skirt combo. One of my favorite ways to dress up yet still look cool, young, sporty and/or casual is to pair a cute t-shirt with a skirt. I always… Continue reading LovelyLooks

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wondrous wednesday: my housewife obsession – the story continues

as i sit and watch the 100th episode of the real housewives of orange county im like whattt the heck?! where did the time go?? why am i not a housewife or bravo employee yet?? and how did i survive before these ladies?!;)i understand thinking the drama is dumb and the show is pointless...but it's… Continue reading wondrous wednesday: my housewife obsession – the story continues